Yes, I said it…what? Was it provoked?  Dang Skippy it was! It was provoked by several conversations on another blog. The blog is written by an American woman who has recently moved to Saudi Arabia and it discusses her perceptions of Saudis. She admits and it was pointed out in the comments that what she says are often sweeping generalizations. That’s totally understandable. Such is life. What is interesting is that when asked about a generalization of the American woman and I pointed out the obvious – American women got defensive. So here is what I would say as an American living abroad, what a typical American woman is. Now of course there are exceptions and this does not apply to all – so nobody go getting their panties all in a bunch. However, if the shoe fits wear it!

The Bitch

a. The power driven/hungry bitch – This is basically the picture of the successful woman. She followed her dreams and is still miserable. At least it appears that way. She is usually unmarried and childless. Examples are Condeleza Rice and Oprah. Married with children examples are Hilary Clinton and Sara Palin. These of course hold celebrity status but we all know of someone with mediocre status that  is like this.

b. The misery loves company bitch. This type of bitch complains about everything. The more they complain the more you realize how screwed up the person is. Some of their valid complaints get over exaggerated because they are so bitter. They usually had messed up childhoods and then continued the cycle into their adult lives. They are the most unhappy uncontent miserable bitches you have the misfortune of coming in contact with.

The Ho

This is what the world sees. The entire world sees the American Woman as a Ho. A low standard, vile, promiscuous, scantly clad Ho. This really needs no explanation, but since the truth hurts this is where the American woman will get most defensive when accused of such wanton behavior.

a. The Stank Ho. She just a Ho, she knows she’s a Ho (and proud of it).

b. The ‘I a’int no Ho!’ Ho – This is the most common Ho. This is the epitome of the American woman. She’s ultra liberal, she loves to show off her body, and she doesn’t even realize she’s a Ho. See she’s educated, with a good job. She may not even sleep around that much. May even be married, but of course she got married after having sex with her then boyfriend. The idea of no sex until marriage is a foreign concept. She’s mature. Knows her body and carries her own protection (against pregnancy, disease, dog bites, whatever!).


These are the only two categories I could think of. Seriously and I pondered hard about this. Of course their the loving mother and wife, but she often would fall under the adulterous Ho category…at least that is what one sees on T.V. This is the Irony of the American woman who wants to liberate the Saudi woman. The American woman usually has two major complaints about Saudi women:

1. The covering of the hair and body.

2. Gender Segregation.

The Irony is that when the American woman screams and hollers about the so-called oppression of Saudi women they do not realize that the American lifestyle that the American woman flaunts in front of the world is not desired by the majority of Saudi women and this is why the so-called, open minded, liberal, and progressive Saudi women are looked down on in this society. MBC4 is a Saudi owned English Television Station. Here is it’s lineup:

 Current Shows

Take away the the morning news and talk shows and what do you have? What do you think the impression is?

Days of our Lives. The wealthy Saudis can relate to the glamour and riches. The poor ones can dream of it. But they all see scantly dressed men and women fornicating and committing adultery. Even the old women have secret past!

Grey’s Anatomy. This is good! This is what the Saudi youth aspire to. Every families dream is to have an educated doctor in the family. The reality is that the hospitals in Saudi are one of the only areas where men and women work together and they are meat markets just like their American idols. Again we have sex sex sex and more sex.

Desperate Housewives. What Saudi woman can’t relate to that, as most of them are housewives. The kick is this show represents your typical American House wife as an adulterous,conniving bitch!

So You Think You Can Dance. They’re just having a lil  innocent fun…right? However again the image is that when men and women intermingle they are half naked and grinding.

Friends. This is what the open minded Saudi envisions when the American complains about the gender separation. The American never fails to say how having friends of the opposite gender doesn’t mean that you have to have sex with them. You can just learn how to get along with the opposite sex. However, this show will let you know that even platonic relationships can be risky. I believe all the friends have slept together.

The Moment of Truth. I seriously doubt that you will ever see a Muslim version of this show. Most Saudis who do dirt do it secretly and would be ashamed to be exposed. Only the lowest of the low would expose the type of things seen on this show, for the chance of winning money. I remember a few years ago a Arab man was arrested at the airport with his mother, because instead of saying that the device detected was a penis pump, because he was ashamed in front of his mother, he said it was a bomb. Either that or he whispered, “pump” really low so his mother wouldn’t hear but since there is no ‘p’ in Arabic, he said “bumb” which to the officer sounded like “BOMB!!!”.

Alright America, do not complain when people think that your society is a cesspool of filth. This is the image you portray to the world and it is usually based on the societal norm. I am an American woman and on the blog I am referring to it was pointed out that I am an African American woman from Chicago and implied that my experience as a black woman is different from the typical American woman. I’ve heard this before, I’m married to a white man and he likes to play dumb or go into denial about how filthy Americans in general can be. He knows it’s true but it is something he projects on other people. A defensive mechanism. He doesn’t allow our children to watch television, so he knows it’s corrupt. I’ll give the same response I give my husband when he comes with that stuff about, “That must be just blacks” and even an African American woman commented on the blog that I must have had a “narrow” experience because she is educated and works in a male dominate environment and has no problems.

True my experience as an African American is different than a white American in some cases. However, I have the broader view. Unlike most white Americans I have been exposed to ‘the other side’. Not to mention I live abroad so that broadens my perspective even more, because I have observed the whole spectrum. I was not always in the hood. As I told my husband it was not until I went away to a majority white University (5% minority, divide that with Black, Hispanic, Asians, and international students and you have less than 2% black) that I realized how buck wild Americans are. He didn’t think it was a fair representation. He thinks that Universities are dumping grounds for moral decay. I find that interesting. On one hand my (implied) experience as a ghetto hood rat is not representative of typical Americans and even some African Americans are quick to distance themselves from that perception and will tell you how educated and buppy they are but then when you say, “hey wait a minute. I lived and learned in a typical American University and I saw more sex and drugs there than anywhere”, then they start two stepping and shucking!

So we have my Coed experience. Let’s talk about my work experience. I also worked in a male dominated environment. I would guess that it was 90% men. I also would guess that 8% of the 10% women were sleeping with colleagues and co-workers. I remember once, I had to attend a week long conference out of town. I took my father and my nephew with me, because even before coming to Saudi I knew that Muslim women should not to travel without a male relative. When I got to the hotel I was so happy that I brought my father and nephew. This was probably worse then the infamous ‘Office Christmas Party’ behavior I’ve heard about. You know where everyone gets druck and sleeps around. That is how it was there. Some married people left their spouses and were creeping. I had men approach me and tell me, “you better be glad you got your daddy with you cause I wanted to hit that.” People did not understand how a grown woman would bring her father with her. People actually thought that I would be in that hotel creeping with them. Having my male relatives with me was the only thing that kept men from knocking down my door. That does not mean that without them I would have got buck wild, because I fear Allah. However, there is much wisdom in this prohibition of women traveling without a male relative.

So how does it feel American Woman to be generalized? Which category do you fit in? Are you a bitch or a Ho? I’m neither and I am sure that many of you aren’t either.

This was written to make a point, so please refrain from comments suggesting that not all American women are bitches and hos.