Emphathetically NO!

If some random person told me that they were visiting Chicago and asked me if I thought they would like it, I’d tell them that they would LOVE it, but to be careful. i mean what’s not to love. just as the majority of Americans don’t have passports, therefore, never leaving the country – the majority of Chicagoans have never left the city! Everything you need is right there.

If an African American askled me about relocating to Chicago, to raise children, I’d suggest they look for a better place. At most I could tell them what are the better schools and neighorhoods – but even that is risky. For African Americans in Chicago, you either sink or swim. Unfortunately, there are many African Americans who can not swim and will try to pull you under with them.

For an African American Muslim, who adheres to The Quran and Sunnah, I would have a different response all together. I would never recommend Chicago for an African American Muslim. Most of the immigrant Muslims and their offspring live in the surrounding Chicagoland areas and have established schools and masajid. We all know what those can be like. I won’t discuss that here, because for the most part an African American Muslim would only be visiting those areas on Friday for Jumuah prayer, Ramadan, and The Eids. You will likely not be living in their communities. While the immigrant Muslim has their own issues raising their children in the West period – The African American Muslim in Chicago would be feeding their kids to the wolves.

I need not mention the obvious inner city issues, that most African Americans face, but as Muslims you will not have the support of a Muslim extended family. In most cases, this will be a single moms struggle. There are plenty of Muslims in Chicago, and they are all doing their own thing. You will find plenty of people with Muslim names, who will tell you that, their mother or father (rarely both) were/are Muslim. For some reason Islam does not get passed on to the offspring in Chicago among African Americans.

If you want to raise your children, as best you can in this world to be good Muslims, my advice would be to stay as far away from Chicago as possible.