I’ve spent this campaign and election in silence. I’m not very political to start with, but as a Muslim and one that chose to leave her home country of The United States of America, and move to a Muslim country – I really did not have much to say. I was skeptic to say the least. I never ever thought that ‘they’ (The Man) would allow this to happen. I just knew that a black man would never be President of The United States of America – not in my wildest dreams! I would get excited watching Michelle and the girls. They are a beautiful family. I thought it would be nice if he won, but it wasn’t gonna happen.

I woke early this morning to get the kids off to school. It was 8p.m in Chicago and i felt compelled to call my family. First I called my mother, she worked hard on this campaign. I then called my father, but he had dialysis today and was sleep. I then called my Aunt and Uncle and they were super excited. I was on the phone with them when the word came through and the tears poured from my eyes.

Battle of the nafs (self/soul). Nafs won. I cried. I explained to my daughters earlier as I got them ready for school the significance of this race. I explained that America would either have it’s first black President or it’s first female Vice President. I told my daughter that as a Muslim I couldn’t allow myself to want a man to win the election based on the color of his skin or a woman to win because I was a female. My daughter had no idea how I felt, because I was in denial. I was battling my nafs. I just want her to know Islam. I don’t want her getting caught up in nationalism, racism, or feminism. She surprised me when she said, “I hope Obama wins because he has little girls.” After a moment more of thinking she said, “and it’s not because he is black, but because there has already been enough white Presidents Mommy. It’s time. They have to share and I know he must have been waiting for years.” I held back my tears. I told her she was a very smart little girl and I couldn’t believe it came out of my babies mouth. She does not realize how significant her observation is. “It’s time”. “He waited”. “They have to share”.

I then called another blogger. after that I called my husband. I thought I would tease him a little. So when he answered the phone I screamed, “YES WE CAN! YES WE DID!” and he said, “I Know. I heard and I was secretly hoping he would win. Racism must really be leaving America because even if every black in the country and every liberal white voted for him he could not have won without more of the American vote.” This from an ex republican turn Muslim.

Anyway, I have to end this now. I am late taking my son to school, because I am listening to the acceptance speech. I found myself cheering. Battle of the nafs. He was my neighbor. I mean right next door! Literally! They are kicking hard in Grant Park right now…memories! Battle of the nafs.