1. What will Black Folks in Chicago do if Barack Hussein Obama, doesn’t win? Negroes in the Chi know how to play the fool – good news or bad news (Bulls 3peat riots). If he wins will they behave? If he doesn’t will they behave?

2. Feeling sad for BHO about the death of his grandma. This close to making history and the people who have known him all his life are not here to witnessing it. Please nobody think I am ignorant for what I am thinking, but I wonder if his white side of the family (who without a doubt would be proud of him)completely understand how – I can’t even find the right word- how significant he is. He’s giving hope to the hopeless.

3. I asked an ex colleague from the Detention Center I use to work at, if the suspect in the Jennifer Hudson family murder case was one of ‘my kids’ back in the day. She said yes. I knew he looked very familiar – as was his name. Did I tell you guys how I would dread watching the news when I lived in Chicago? The news basically foretold what my work day would be like.

4. Sistah Toldja told it like it is. http://thebeautifulstruggler.blogspot.com/2008/10/recent-family-tragedy-to-befall.html
“Regardless of your education level or socio-economic status, if you are Black you probably can name at least one relative or neighbor or former classmate who has either died or been injured violently or, who has committed such a crime upon someone else. And you probably can name at least one family member or acquaintance who has currently or in the past been incarcerated. And I bet you can name a crackhead as well. “

True that.