This is Eyewitness News Umm Adam coming at you from Malik Fahd Amusement Park In Dammam Saudi Arabia. I appreciate the gender segregation in Saudi, but it never occurred to me that there would be no intermingling on rides at the amusement park. Separate lines maybe, but they actually take turns. This would have been a bummer for me growing up, because the highlight of our trips to Marriot’s (now Six Flags) Great America was fighting with my brother and sister over whose turn it was to ride with Daddy. The ride just wasn’t the same without Daddy! He was so fun and would scream and scream and scream. We’d be laughing, screaming, wetting our pants, vomiting andhaving the time of our lives. I think I only went once or twice with my mother and don’t really recall it that well but daddy made it one of the best anual memomable moments of my life!

Boys Only

Those boy really know how to have fun. i mean this park is lousy rundown American Carnival at most. Not the most exciting rides. We only went because I had guest visiting and they wanted to go to Snow World, which is a huge indoor freezer where you slide down a hill of ice. But these boys, i watched group after group get on the ride and they all did the same thing…held hands and screamed their heads off. That’s what i call making lemonade out of lemons!

Girls Only

Ok, I just watched this clip and I did not even pay much attention to the girls…lol! They were more reserved so they lost me and then i spotted the Haunted House. Anybody wanna come check out the Haunted House with me? My guest took her kids and mine to Snow World and closed the place down, so i never got a chance to see the Haunted House. i’m sure it’s lame – but still…