There are so many things that I find I blog about but the people in my life may not have ever heard it. For instance, when I read the email from my mother about my uncle’s death, I immediately wrote a blog about it. My husband was not home at the time and when he did come home, it did not occur to me to tell him. He had never even heard of my uncle before and I only mentioned his death to him just this morning, incidentally.

I think with small children it is hard for me to actually have real life conversations. If someone calls me on the phone, I can barely hear half of the time or it may not be a good time. Not to mention, I can pretty much blog my thoughts uninterrupted (by conversation) and can take as long as I like before submitting the post. Even chatting online has become a pain and I rarely log on because I can be a very rude chatter. I start cooking, changing diapers, wiping noses and behinds, cleaning up, nursing, and even falling asleep!

So my question for other bloggers is, do you blog and/or tell real life people? If you do tell real life people, do you blog first and tell later or vice versa?