Oh My Gawd! I’m cracking up. I came here to post a different subject, but my husband just said the stupidest funniest thing as he walked out the door. My husband has no idea where anything is kept in the house. I do not understand this because, I firmly believe ‘that there is a place for everything and everything should be in it’s place.’ My husband on the other hand has zero organization skills and would lose his head if it were not attached to his body. So he was asking me where something was. He always ask me in a way that woould make you think it were lost or not in the obvious place. So I first stated where it is suppose to be and then I told my daughter (because he refuses to look for his own stuff) to look in two alternative spots. So as he is leaving out I see that he has the stuff he was looking for and I asked him where did he find it. He says, “in that drawer you described.” WTH?!!!!!!!!!! The drawer I described… you mean the sock drawer?!!!!!!!!!!!! Why didn’t you just look there in the first place?!!!!!!!!!!