I don’t regularly check my hotmail account. That’s me and my husband’s shared personal account. I remembered to check it today and found a three day old email from my mom saying that my Uncle Jody passed. My mother is the second youngest of eight children. Four boys and four girls. She only has one remaining brother. It has been longer than I care to remember since I have last seen or heard from Uncle Jody. However, it did not stop me from putting my head down as soon as I read the subject line in my inbox, Your Uncle Jody, and from filling my eyes with tears of grief. I knew what it was going to say inside. I wondered why it did not say, My brother Jody. I guess my mother must have remembered that he was always my favorite Uncle….My Uncle Jody.

He is responsible for my mother coming to Chicago. He left Arkansas when my mom was a tween and became a very successful business man. He later sent for my grandmother and his younger siblings. He owned several hardware stores and restaurants. He left those to his son years ago and bought a farm in Arkansas. He always loved the south. He was always there for us growing up. We could always count on him the same way he took care of him mother and siblings. I remember when I was a Freshman in highschool and my mother was in the hospital for a month, he was the one who came and took my sister, brother, and I in his home. He had a good long life. He was a good man.

He and my mother look like twins. My brother is his spitting image. The only image I’ve seen of my granfather was the one hanging on the wall of Uncle Jody’s bedroom

I don’t know what I am reminded of most – death or my family.

From Allah we come and to Allah we return.