My husband recently returned home from the masjid and we are now waiting for the stores to open so we can buy the kids the ridiculous amount of school supplies (they are collected by the teacher to share with the class) all three of my school aged children need. I asked my husband to keep the baby so that I could hop in the shower and get ready. He told me to wait a minute , because he had to use the bathroom. I waited patiently and started reading the blogs on my blog surfer (a wordpress feature). When I got to The American Bedu’s blog, she had posted a youtube video of some Saudi Shabab goofing off and commented on their national past time of ‘drifting’ (car tricks). I decided to take a picture of my nephews thobe and send it to her.


I blogged about this last year (don’t have time to find the link it but it was on the Eid after last Ramadan). My nephew was out with his Saudi friends, they were drifting and he was being retarded running in front of their cars and jumping out of the way before they would hit him. Well, he tripped over his too long thobe (should have been following the sunnah and have his thobe above his ankles) and got ran over by the car. those are tire tracks. The thobe looked a lot worse and so did he, but my house keeper washed and ironed it.

Anyhoo, when I went to the closet to take the picture, guess what else I found?

Yup – story of my life! Him and this boy will fall a sleep anywhere. Never fails, whenewver I ask him to keep the baby he is out. Ok- my daughter is keeping the baby for me so I better hurry and get dressed before the next prayer. He will wake up to pray at the masjid and I want to have me and the kids already in the car so that he does not ‘forget’ to take us shopping.