It’s been a few hours since I have read this comment directed to me on another blog, and I still have not been able to get it off of my mind. Well you know my philosophy, “if it’s bugging me – blog it!”

I don’t deny the existence of something more powerful than us, however the obsession and attitude of many religious people that I am referring to above, which infiltrates every single insignificant aspect of their life turns me right off their religions.

Anybody who knows me well, knows that I can give a whole new meaning to , “beating a dead horse.” My husband calls it nagging and of course I argue him down about that…lol! The point that I am reiterating today is that ISLAM IS A COMPLETE WAY OF LIFE.

I like to think that I keep it real. You read my blog. Do I come off as some sanctimonious religious quack? Seriously. I laugh, I joke, I fight with my husband over stupid stuff, I scream at my kids and tell them to leave me alone I’m blogging. I am also a practicing Muslim woman who believes that Islam should govern everything in my life.

Does that make me perfect? Of course not. Are there aspects of Islam that go against my desires and I have to struggle to surrender? Yes. This is why life is a fitnah (test). Would it be better to follow a way of life that just allows you to submit to your desires or one that changes as time changes to accept things that were previously unacceptable because most people do it?

 I’ve heard many people who claim to believe in a ‘higher power’ and who will not argue one point concerning Islamic Monotheism, cite their desires for why they will not accept Islam:

*** I can’t stop eating pork

*** I can’t give up women

***I am not sharing my man with three other women (although she either doesn’t currently have a man, or is sleeping with someone Else’s man anyway)

***I don’t think it’s right that women have to cover their hair

***Muslims are not good role models

***I don’t believe in Capital Punishment

…and a number of other excuses. I remember when I first started to study Islam, I did not find issue with one single thing! Praise be to Allah! Now that I am thinking about this, I see the mercy Allah placed on me by making this easy for me.  I was enjoying life too, at the time I accepted Islam. I did not come to Islam because I was down and out and had no where else to turn (many people do and there is nothing wrong with that as long as they are sincere), I did not accept Islam to get a man (although I think it is a lot easier to get married as a Muslim and thank Allah for guiding me because many of my non-Muslim friends are still dating). I accepted Islam because it is the truth and I came to this decision on the merits of Islam.

I am from the South Side of Chicago. Where every liquor store is owned by a Muslim. A shady Muslim. I could have used that as an excuse not to accept Islam. Really, their stores were dirty and smelled of filthy old mop water, they jacked up the prices of everything, they sold alcohol, pork products, and exploited blacks. They never once called me to Islam, but always flirted. I digress.

My point was, that even though I allow Islam to “infiltrates every single insignificant aspect” of my life, I think I keep it real. I’ve never felt too restricted nor have I felt holier than thou. My kids are enjoying life as little Muslims. it makes me sad that others would view people who try to live their life in a way pleasing to their Lord, as obsessive. even sadder is that this is the reason given for not accepting Islam.

May Allah guide us all to the straight path…aameen