or just drive me crazy?!

I know I said I was tired and couldn’t think…but has that ever stopped me from blogging before? My daughter is still at her tutor and we still have an hour to bedtime. I ended my last entry realising that my dh would be home soon and that I still had the AC running. He has banned me from keeping the AC on overnight. I had to fight tooth and nail and raise all kind of hell to allow him to let me have it on during the day. Well his baby is congested and he blames it on the AC. He says that the weather is nice outside and that there is no need to have the AC on, especially at the expense of his baby’s health. Once the AC is turned off the house becomes suffocating. The window in my room is a picture window and doesn’t open. The other two bedrooms have doors leading to outdoor balconies, but it is designed where you just don’t get a breeze. So while I’m in my room suffering, look where dh and his big boy sleep.

I’ll tell you, those two can fall asleep anywhere! That rug is out on the balcony, because the washing machine flooded the house last week. It was supposed to be out there to dry, but my dh never brought it back in and the stray cats have used it to get comfy on. i told him that he needs to get it cleaned now before putting it back inside.

Apparently, the night air got a little nippy and he decided to roll my son up in a nasty old rug!