All Praise is Due To Allah, that we survived the long hot summer vacation, lived to complete another month of Ramadan (while still on vacation), and have finally started back to some type of normalcy. School is back in session and believe it or not that is not what is most pleasing for the mothers. Most mothers are thrilled that their husbands are back to work! Most employed people are employed by the Government and they have the same basic holidays as the schools. This is very convenient but at the same time can be a royal pain. Women and children on vacation like to go out and do things, men on vacation like to relax. This can start wars!

I really have a lot to blog about, but I have been so exhausted. Last week I started easing everybody back into a bedtime for school, but then we were invited to two walima’s (wedding parties) two nights in a roll! School started Saturday and the kids are going to bed before their bedtime and waking up very early…like 3am! This week insha’Allah it will all pan out.

Let me say, I have much respect for those supermoms who get up in the morning and drive their kids to school. I have not done that in over 6 years. It’s taking some getting use to. I only have to do it this week and after that they will catch the bus, insha’Allah. It was hard at first, witrh the baby and all but I’m getting better everyday – masha’Allah. It’s my youngest daughter’s first year in real school. Kindergarten is optional here, so the schools start with first grade. I stayed at the school with her all Saturday and Sunday, but Adam started nursery school Monday so I stayed with him all Monday and Tuesday. Neither one of them needed me, but most mother’s stay the first week. At my daughter’s school they just sit in the lobby and wait, but at the nursery/kindergarten the parents are allowed in the class. It was nice being up and out the house so early. I think that now that I have 3 children in school maybe I’ll try and take the baby to the mall in the morning for some power walking. Soon the weather will be bearable during the day for me to walk outdoors to, insha’allah.

Here’s a picture of the girls school

The school is surrounded by a huge wall and people who have never been inside would be surprised to see what it looks likes. i really like this school much better than the ones in my old city. For one it’s newer, but mostly because it is enclosed. Most schools in Saudi have California style schools with outdoor classes.

I’m going to run now cuz I have no idea what i am saying. I am so sleepy!!!!!!!!!!!!