I had no intention to blog this week. I was taking a much needed break after I committed myself to the daily Ramadan Diary. That on top of fasting for 29 days pretty much drained me. I did not realize how much rest I needed until the night before Eid. Be that as it may, I have a dear friend of 10 years visiting me from Hail, KSA. I called myself doing the polite thing by limiting my Internet time. That and I’m just plum tired! Anyway, she thinks that if she is such a dear friend then I should prove my love for her by dedicating a blog post to her. If not a whole post a mere honorable mention will suffice. Here goes:

I met her online in 1998. She went by the screen name ‘Niqaabi’ on the Salafisisters list. We were both original members. One day she sent a post to the list asking if anybody was in the NOVA area. I replied and so did our friend Majeedah. She and her husband were interested in making a ‘mini hijrah’ to NOVA, where there was a thriving Muslim community and The Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (The Mahad). She visited the area, I hosted her, they eventually moved there she followed me to KSA (hehe) and we have remained friends every since! Are you happy now Stacey Anitra Umm Tasneem aka Zaakirah (from Pennsylvania,  North Carolina, NOVA, and  Hail KSA)?

Speaking of sisters from the States in Saudi. We had an Expat Eid Party and I ran into a sister that I knew from the DC Area. She saw me and was like you look familiar. I said that she did too. She was like well I’m from Philly and I was like I’m from Chicago. She said I use to live in Qatar and I said I use to live in Bahrain. Still no connection. Then Stacey Anitra Umm Tasneem aka Zaakirah from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Hail, KSA said (wasn’t nobody even talking to her so she interrupted actually…lol!), “yes, i’ve seen you somewhere before. Did you live in the DC Area. LIGHTBULB! The sister said that she had once lived in Laurel Maryland and we were all like yeah I went to the Laurel Masjid and Darus Salaam (Al Huda) in College Park, Maryland and then we started talking about all the people we knew, stuff like that. I thought how cool is that that an African American sister from Philly and an African American  sister from Chicago would meet each other in Maryland, both move to a small Arabian Gulf country, then one move to the Central Region of Saudi Arabia and the other to The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and meet up again at an Eid Party! Pretty cool huh? Qadr Allah wa ma sha fa al.

Now that I’ve mentioned the Eid Party I have to tell you all unless you’ve already heard! I lost my cool there. Yes that right Umm Adam made a fool out of herself! Now you all know that I am a social butterfly. Even in my jahalia, I was too cool to dance at parties I liked to talk and mingle but not dance. So now at all the little Muslimah parties they like to play games. Well I have told everybody that I may laugh and I may joke but I don’t play. Anyway, my friends desperately needed another player in the suitcase game. I really did not want to play because this is not a cool person game and in case you didn’t know it…I’m cool like that 🙂

The Suit Case Game, is this relay game. You have two teams and they line up. In front of them is a suit case full of clothes. Each member is to run and put on all the clothes in the suit case, run around, go back to the suit case, remove all the clothes and put them back in the suit case. i know really lame and I won’t name the person who thought of this…though I should! Anyway, I’m the anchor of the team. In other words it’s my fault if they don’t win. I wore pants for the very FIRST TIME in 10 years! It’s my turn…ready – set – go! My team is screaming and cheering me on. It’s loud. I’m confused. I don’t know who’s in the lead. I get all the clothes on. I run around. I remove the clothes. Stuff them back in the bag. The team is screaming and telling me to hurry up. They are depending on me. I can not mess up! I take off as fast as I can. The crowd goes wild! I reach out to tag my team mate. It’s all a big blurrr from there! Apparently, as I reached out I either threw my body forward too much (or I had too much body to be throwing), or I tripped over my pants.

I’m recovering. I’ll be OK insha’Allah. Although I did bruise a little bit more than my ego. Actually I’m in intense pain and banged up my knee pretty bad.

I wonder if I lost my cool card.