Last night we had a really nice iftar. The place was beautiful. Jubail Saniyyah (Industrial City), is endowed by a sub-Government known as The Royal Commission. They are made up of several of the Oil conglomerates. Each of the companies have private Istarahahs. Some are really decked out tents and others are glamorous halls. SABIC the umbrella company of them all has a fabulous facility. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Last night I met an American sister there who has lived in Jubail Balad (The Old City) for several years. She never met an American Expat until the other night she and my good friend overheard each other talking in English in Apple-Bees. This led to them introducing themselves and her meeting the whole gang last night. I also invited another American sister, who had complained to me that she had not met one American since she lived in Jubail. I later found out that she has moved to another city because it was just to much being so isolated. The sister from Apple Bees was very pleased to meet us because the isolation was getting to her too.

I’m saying all of this, because i know there are many others out there in similar situations. My daughters and I make a habit out of introducing ourselves to people that we here speak English (with an American accent…lol). We are having a really nice Eid Gathering in the Eastern Province on the 1st day after Ramadan – insha’Allah. I don’t want anybody to feel that they must spend Eid alone. i have heard the saddest stories of families being in total isolation with nothing to do. If you are in the Eastern Province and even if you are not but don’t mind traveling. Please contact me for more information.

I remember when I was in the states i use to hear about the great Eid gatherings that the Western Expats would have in Jeddah. For whatever reason they no longer have this gathering, where many of the Expats from all over the Kingdom would come togther. This was one of the things I was looking forward to when I was still in the states, fantasizing about making hijrah. We have the facilities here in the Eastern Province and it would be nice if this was something the organizers could one day pull off insha’Allah. In the past I have been divided with spending my Eid with my sisters in Jubail or my sisters in Khobar, alhamduillah this year we will insha’Allah have just one big Eid in the EP bash!

If interested contact me so that we can properly organize this.