I haven’t got the math down to an exact science. I’m really just blogging some thoughts with some guesstimates. The best Ramadan I ever had was in December 1998 (saw my dh in the masjid for the first time…well sneaked a peak..actually come to think of it I straight up spied on him…snuck into the upstairs office section of Darul Hijrah masjid and a friend pointed him out to me while he was at the iftar). So it will probably be another 10 years or so before Ramadan comes full circa again. What made me think of this is that, I have found it easier to train my children to fast this year because they are not in school and can go back to sleep after suhoor, instead of going out in the heat and running around school and trying to concentrate on their assignments. School satarts at 6:45a.m here but in Ramadan they start at 9a.m. I’m letting the children sleep until around 10a.m this year just so that the day is not to long for them. When we were waking up at 8a.m my 6 year old couldn’t take it. Not to mention if they were in school at their age many of the kids are not fasting. I wouldn’t have even tried with my 6 year old and I wouldn’t have been too sure if my 8 year old was being completely honest. 

I figure that I have most if not all of my children’s developing years to have Ramadan over their summer vacations. I like this. It’s perfect for training them. As they get older we can insha’Allah travel around the Muslim world and see how Ramadan is observed throughout the Muslim world. I’m getting excited just thinking about the possibilities!