I’m exhausted. It’s 3:15a.m and we are just getting in. I haven’t had much sleep in two days. Last night we were at the Zoo until the wee hours of the morning. I have a friend here visiting her children and to my surprise she is staying across the street from a zoo! So I did not go to sleep until 8a.m because when we came in from the Zoo we had sahoor, prayed and since I fill up on water I spend the next few hours going to the bathroom every 30 minutes.

I also had some calls to make to the States. I spoke with my family and the family of Jabir and Warith Deen Muhammad and after that I went to bed. I couldn’t force the kids to sleep all day, so that didn’t last long and then today we had to go have iftar with our adopted Saudi family.

I’ve mention my wonderful Saudi family before, but I did not realize that we are honorary tribal members now! Really, it’s kind of cool. In this family the matriarch and some of her daughters wear the face veil in the home. They only remove it if it is just the mother, daughters, and daughter in laws. Well lately they have not been wearing it  around me either! Around midnight more of the tribe came through and they put their veils on! I was like man I’m really part of this family. The funniest part was that after tarawee prayers my husband went out with the men. I was exhausted, because truth be told I usually take a small nap after I break my fast and I still hadn’t had much sleep. Well this family kicks it. They house hop, but I was at the home of the matriarch so she receives the guest and they come in segments. Her married daughters were not their with us for iftar because they were in their homes probably with the husbands’ family. So iftar was with a divorced daughter and the daughter in laws. At 10pm the daughter in laws left (and some came) and her married daughter came. At 12a.m extended tribal members came. I was near tears and called my husband to see where he was:

Me: where you at?

Him: I’m at the tribal meeting

I almost fell out laughing picturing this white man at a tribal meeting. My daughter was like, “mommy what’s so funny?” So I called again about an hour later:

Me: I’m out of diapers…how long is this going on?

Him: I don’t know, we had to visit the chief of the tribe and now we are sitting down for the big meal

Me: I’m starving! I only ate a bowl of soup because I was holding the baby and feeding Adam and we didn’t have personal plates so it was hard for me to get any food.

Him: well I can’t be rude. I left my car where you are so I’m just going with the flow.

I found out we were suppose to stay for suhoor and then leave. The food was being prepared but when he finally got there I had to go. I stood up to put on my abaya and I don’t know if it was the caffeine from the 8 hours of constant gawa and tea that I drank with no water or what but I got the shakes and almost fell out! To make a long story even longer we went to McDonald’s for suhoor on our way home. Apparently the rest of the city was there too. I have never seen McDonald’s so packed.

So now I’m typing this and catching up on water, cuz Saudis aren’t big on serving water, and waiting for the athaan to be called so that I can pray…go to sleep…wake up in 30 minutes to go to the bathroom…rearrange kids in my bed….take them sleep walking to the bathroom (wait Adam just came to me right now saying he peed on the floor…too late now I gotta give a bath to a sleeping child) and repeat that over every two hours until about 10:30a.m when we wake up.

You guys keep the answers coming on Sura Luqman…jazakallahu khayr for your participation. I’ll post the answers as soon as I get them from Asiya (or she can post them here herself), insha’Allah.