This will be a really sloppy posting. Today, we had to make a quick trip out of town. We could not make it home for iftar so we stopped at APPLEBEES. We had the place all to ourselves. Alhamduillah, Saudis break fast at home with family.

This particular location did not have a Ramadan buffet like the others. However, they do provide a free iftar of dates, cranberry juice, labnah, and sambosa for all of their customers.

After we arrived back in town, I needed to do some grocery shopping because my daughters plan on setting up an iftar table in the front of our house and have invited all the neighborhood children to break their fast with them tommorrow, insha’Allah.

At the entrance of the Mall we were greeted by two host serving Gawa Arabia (Arab Coffee) and dates. I normally avoid taking pictures of peoples faces but when I asked permission to take the picture of the arrangement, they were very pleased and posed. I was too embarrassed to lower the camera. One of the things I find fascinating about the culture here, is the graciousness that they serve their guest. I’m ashamed to say, that I always tell people to make themselves at home. In other words…go get your own drink!

So we are on Saudi time today. I usually send my daily Ramadan post before maghrib (sundown), but we did not come home from shopping until after midnight!