I had to venture out this afternoon after Salatul Jumuah (The Friday Prayer and sermon). It wasn’t so bad. We don’t have A.C in our car so I was dreading it. A few things caught my eye while out.

A Missing Child

Please remember this dear child in your prayers – the supplication of the fasting person is answered: “There are in the month of Ramadhan in every day and night those to whom Allah grants freedom from the Fire, and there is for every Muslim an supplication which he can make and will be granted.” [al-Bazzaar, Ahmad, Saheeh]

Also, do not forget to place your children under Allah’s protection. Ibn ‘Abaas related that the Messenger of Allah used to commend Al-Hasan and Al-Husayn to Allaah’s protection, saying:
‘I commend you two to the protection of Allaah’s perfect words from every devil, vermin, and every evil eye.’

The Ramadan Camp

These tents are set up all thoughout the country. This particular location has between 6-9 huge tents that each feeds thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims. Food and beverages for iftar (fast-breaking) are provided either by the mosques, Islamic Centers,  or by philanthropists.

Ibn `Abbâs says: “Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) was the most generous of all people in doing good, and he was at his most generous during the month of Ramadan. Gabriel used to meet with him every year throughout the month of Ramadan, so the Prophet could recite the Qur’ân to him. Whenever Gabriel met with him, he became more generous than a beneficial breeze.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî (1902) and Sahîh Muslim (2308)]

The Prophet (may Allaah send His blessing and peace upon him) said, “He who gives food for a fasting person to break his fast, he will receive the same reward as him, without nothing being reduced from the fasting person’s reward.” (at-Tirmidhee)


This is one of the many roadside date stands. The date industry is a massive business in the Middle East. They are eaten fresh, dried, and are included in various recipes. During Ramadan date sales increase, because breaking the fast with dates or water is a tradition of the Prophet.