Alhamduillah, everything is going good in the home of Umm Adam. We have 3 more fasting hours. Alhamduillah, I’m fasting and it has not effected my milk supply – masha’Allah. My 8 year old is fasting, my 6 year old is trying to fast. She took a sip of water and put some cake in her mouth but felt bad and spit it out. Adam has had a peanut butter sandwich on one slice of bread and a pepsi! We prayed Tarawee prayers at the Masjid last night, went to bed at 12a.m, woke up at 3am (Just dh, oldest daughter and I) for sahoor and fajr. I was suppose to read one part of the Quran before going back to bed but the baby woke up so I will insha’Allah read it after asr. First I wanted to download some Islamic kidstuff from youtube to keep the kids busy (they already helped roll the sambosa). I wanted to share with you what I thought were perfect for the first day of Ramadan.

Now of course Adam’s world is not perfect and I picked up on a mistake or two (not so sure about that dua he made when he broke his fast), but the general message and it’s appeal to children are great. just explain to your children any errors you may find.

Hadith related by Al Bukhari on the authority of one of the youngest lady companions of the Prophet named Arrubayyk bint Moawith. She reports: “…We used to fast that day afterwards, and make our children fast as well. We would make them woollen toys. If any of them cried of hunger, we would give him a toy to play with until it was time for ending the fast.”

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