I just received word that Jabir  Muhammad (son of Elijah Muhammad) has passed.  ‘Verily, to Allah belongs what He has taken, and to Him belongs what He has given. For everything He has set a term.’

I can’t believe how emotional this has made me. I feel like I lost a family member. ‘In Allah is the best consolation against every catastrophe, a substitute for every loss, and a replacement for anything that is missed. Trust Allah, seek His aid, and be hopeful of His mercy. The one really afflicted is the one who is deprived of the reward for his misfortune.’ 

Our families go way back. Just looking at his picture in the Chicago Sun Times, is making me think of my own father. Both of our families and the family of Muhammad Ali have always resembled each other so much that people often mistook us for members of the same family.

My condolences go to the entire family. I know that they know that I would be right there with them if I were in Chicago. We still keep in touch and I know they love and miss me as much as I do them. Sister Bahiyah (mom),  Umar, Saffiyah, Samirah, Salimah, Saeedah, and Sanniyah…  May Allah increase your reward, give you the best consolation, and forgive our beloved Jabir Muhammad.