With a one week count down the stores in the Kingdom are geared up to provide all of the Ramadan staples and favorites. There are some great promotions going on and the stores are jammed packed!

I am a very visual person, so these beautiful signs turned a regular trip to the grocery store into a joyous occasion for me (until the baby needed his diaper changed and feeding, my tents were taken down as they are now out of season so I had to take him to the bathroom and nurse him squatting until my legs got tired and nursed him standing! No problem I was able to get a good deed in and let this puzzled mother change her baby in my stroller after I saw her eyeing the top of a trash bin when she realized there was no where to change her).

This is just a small section of a very huge display of Sambosa leaves. Sambosa is an absolute must at every iftar (breaking of the fast), and various other pastry sweets.

Can you believe all the oatmeal eaten in Ramadan. I buy the Quaker bran displayed here, because it is what I am familar with from the States, but there are many more brans with similar displays. The locals refer to them all as Quaker and not Oatmeal. They don’t eat it like we do for breakfast but they make a nice chicken soup out of it that goes down just right after breaking your fast.

Vimto! A non-Alcholic drink (of course) that is loved around the Muslim world and in America at the Halal Stores by what seems like everyone but me.

Yup that’s Tang! The people love colored sugar water here. I gave in and bought some because the display suggusted I do…lol! I’m a marketers delight!

Clean up in Aisle 46! Someone broke a bottle of concentrated orange sugar water. A man with a mop and broom showed up only to be told by a man driving a cleanup truck to move over. It took the truck so much more time and effort than it would have taken the man with the mop and broom to clean up the spill.