So we were on a super tight budget. Well we should have been, because my husband started a new job, he was not eligible for his vacation pay. So he hasn’t been paid in two months!  We signed the kids up for every activity under the sun, bought meat, fruits , and vegatables (we can not eat like the locals on mainly rice and bread), and have even splurged on occasion…masha’Allah. However, the well ran dry last week…lol! We had two Walima’s to go to and only a very small amount of  money to spend. I originally thought that I would get the girls some cheap dresses for 100-150 Saudi Riyals ($37-$50) each and a cheap pair of shoes. So I went to the Ghetto Mall in Dammam (if you are from Chicago it’s a cross betwen Evergreen Plaza and Jew Town), where you can get cheap and cheesy clothes and still be presentable. Imagine how delighted I was when I found dresses for 50SR (less than $15 bucks) and shoes for 15SR!!!

Okay, so the little pinned on flowers that were supposed to come across their waist came off (an my youngest threw a fit), but hey it was not like it was their Walima. My husband complained and said, “do we have to buy new dresses for every Walima?” I’m like no, they will wear this to both walimas because they are different crowds but if we go to walimas with the same people who already saw the dresses we have to get new ones…lol!

Speaking of Dear ole Dad, I asked him if he could entertain the baby while I got the girls ready. Their hair needed washed, nit picked, and blow dried (I only blow dry the hair on special occasions because it usually poofs right back up but today was really a waste of time because it is 115f and the humidity is worse…not to mention they went swimming at the Walima!). Anyway, I told dh that the baby would be content with him if he played with the toys with him…you know INTERACT with him. Things were going good for a while and to be honest I was surprised so I went to investigate this father and son bonding moment.

HE WAS SLEEP! Now if he came home from work and found me sleeping while the kids were up, he would SWEAR that that is what I do all day everyday and that his children are not being cared for properly. I let him get away with it cuz we had a long hot drive out into the desert and I didn’t want him to be tired.