I wanted to just take you guys (viewers/readers) on a trip with me to a Saudi Shopping Mall…but no BEBE”S KIDS had to come!

Just Listen to all that commotion! “Mommie can I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

As if all the cigerette smoke wasn’t enough. Any woman that wants to sit with those men in the Cafes go right ahead. Can you say second hand smoke? The ladies only areas are pollution free!

Umm Ibrahim This One Is For You Google Video not Youtube) So Lemme Know If You Can View It

* “McDonald’s Party is what Adam calls McDonalds every since they had a party there. Also any store he calls ‘Toy Store’. The children are biliguel and he can count to ten in both Arabic and English…masha’Allah. Today he did the funniest thing while playing with his toys and counting them and said, “One, Two, Thalatha, Arba’a..” I fell out laughing…it was in order too.