I really do. I use to love to shop until I had kids. I have a walima to attend tommorrow and had to get a last minute gift. I found the cutest little get up here:

I really hate going in these lingerie stores ran by men. They are experts in sizing you up. This store is actually more posh than the ones that I shop at for moi (hey I can’t give cheesy gifts), and the salesmen are more refined. I usually shop in souks with scrabby looking men chasing me around with bras and panties. At this store, when I was ready to make my purchase the salesman looked at me and looked at the outfit and asked if it were for me. I knew what he meant…it wasn’t my size…lol! I told him it was a gift. Alhamduillah for my face veil because that is so embarrassing!

Where’s the Haya/Mutaween/Religious Police/Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, when you need them?