Update: I added another Video. Make sure you see them all.

I’ve said it over and over again, that what I miss most about Chicago are the various museums, libraries, and Zoos. Those things contributed to me having a well- rounded upbringing. One of the things I complained about (for lack of a better word) is that when I first arrived in Saudi there was no edutainment. Alhamduillah, my children now have been to a library and there is also a Sci Tech here….and it’s pretty good! For those of you already in the Kingdom, bored out of your minds with the worlds longest summer vacation (two months down two months to go!), then here is a little incentive to travel (as if the opportunity to meet moi is not enough..lol).

Thanks for coming along for the ride, now sit back and enjoy the tour.

I know kind of corny. You know you are in Saudi if there are cheesy clowns at every event!

I accidently deleted the part on this clip of the earthquake stimulator house. We had a ball in there!

These exhibits reminded me of The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

ROFL..my six year old keeps calling the eels ‘EEW’…”like in yucky”, she says

This room reminds me of The Childrens Museum in D.C. Only here you don’t miss the prayer. You can hear the adthan (call to prayer) in the background and there are musallahs (prayer areas) for men and women in the center.

No Umm Adam outing would be complete if we do not have the kids begging for everything they see!

The evening finally! Of course an outing like this over stimulated my 3 year old son, but did dad have to make it worse?! He always does this to the kids when he doesn’t understand their needs, he plays with them which frustrates them even more!

There is also an Omnimax Theaterand many other exhibits and activities for the whole family! If ever in this neck of the desert, don’t hesitate to contact me.