Like you’ve never had one…

Peep the scene [ 6 year old daughter on the toilet with door open. Mommy sitting on bed changing baby’s diaper]

Daughter: [screaming] “Mommy do kafirs (non-Muslims) give their babies baths in the toilet?”

Mommy: [wondering where in the world does she come up with her ideas]: “No honey, they are regular people like us, they just don’t believe the same way we do about Allah”

Daughter: Ouuuu Mommy, you said “The One Who is in the sky!”*

Mommy: I’m not in the bathroom.*

*We are taught not to mention the name of Allah in the bathroom.

I’m typing this and nursing the baby to sleep. She is now out of the bathroom and the baby is fussing with his eyes closed because my typing and suffocating nursing him is making him fussy. So she says, “Mommy he can’t open his eyes!” and attempts to pry his eyes open all the while he is crying and squeezing them tighter! I’m like, “no, he’s trying to sleep!” lol

This girl is 24/7 entertainment!