Okay, everyone can breath again! I’m back! I finally got my old pc up and running and with ADSL!!!! Alhamduillah. I bought a used pc for the kids a few weeks ago..dirt cheap. I was so thrilled at the price and the brand new condition that I did not inquire about the system. It’s ancient! Windows 98! I couldf access the net and with dsl. but I could not check any of my email or log on to my blog. I had been using my dh’s laptop to blog, but he kept forgetting it at work. Today I was determined to configure my old pc and alhamduillah I did it all by myself!

So what have I been up to? O same ole same ole. Our central air is out upstairs, so we’ve been camping out downstairs. Somebody…I won’t say any names peed on the palate at 5 a.m. I wanted to cry, I was so sleepy and didn’t feel like cleaning te carpet, giving baths, and finding alternative sleeping arrangements.

The girls came upstairs with me but I refused to let them sleep in my bed, which is a downsize from our bed at the old house.

The hubster and the boy, didn’t care about comfort and just moved to aother room before I could put out another palate.

Now Mamas baby boy is more than welcomed in my bed.

The other day I was driving and my exclusively breastfed 5 1/2 month old started crying. I thought to myself, “this is why women shoudn’t drive in KSA…”

Don’t worry, I pulled over, though I know someone who says they have nursed while driving.

Are Starbucks this big everywhere?

Does McDonald’s deliver anywhere other than in Gulf countries?

Ahhh! The family area of McDonald’s. Where else can a girl nurse her child?