Can y’all see me? That’s me at the bottom of the picture. The black blob. Yesterday, I had to do sme grocery shopping. Okay, let’s me honest…my girls had a field trip with their summer program and my oldest daughter didn’t really want me tagging along, because she thought she would get teased. Turned out almost all the kids parents came anyway. I’m not comfortable with my kids being too far away from me, even though they were only going to the mall down the street (indoor amusement park and food court). So I told my daughters that I would go with them, but would give them some space and shop while they played. I did the shopping in a huge Hyper Market and was taking my time because we would be there for two hours. I had just got to the other end of the store, to purchase the produce when the baby decided he had had enough. In all fairness he was being pretty patient, even though I had to carry him while pushing the cart and chasing after his big brother. I really do not enjoy going out much with children because at some point they must go to the bathroom. My youngest daughter has a smal bladder and goes at least every half hour. So when I do decide to go out, I’ve gotton pretty good at picking out the places witrh the clean bathrooms. This mall is one of them. Howwever, there are no changing areas for babies or a discreet place to nurse them. My son was screaming to the top of his lungs, so I abandoned the grocery cart, carried him and dragged my othert son back to the begging of the store. I spotted some tents when I first came in and made a mental note that I would hide out in one if I had to change a diaper and nurse.

I got a couple of wierd looks while in there. At one point I saw security and thought that he would come to investgate why me and my kids were zipped up in a tent and chilling out on the sleeping bags! I smiled and thought of you guys, so I took a pic and blogged about it.

I know…I need to get a life!