….and you have the audacity to call me a Prima Donna! You are the biggest freakin attention seeking/nutcase/stalker/two-faced load of….

First off, I am only responding to this load of____, because he has slandered me and the people who came to my defense on my blog as well as on the forum where he started a thread to warn (ie backbite and slander me), though well meaning…gave a vague defense. i’m not sure if they believed him and was merely defending my honour or if they realised that this psycho is an obsessed liar. Clearly in need of mental help!

Idiot says here:

This is a quick note to let the admin and others know that after much time and constant reminders the person known here as strangemuslimah and who posted a refutation and taubah from her past behaviour and through that post i was able to see her alter ego
umm adaam [Speaking of Alter Egos…what do you call yourself? My husband won’t even confront you and gives you the benefit of doubt, when I told him who I suspect you are, because you have been such a ‘good’ brother to him! Yet, you have a sick obsession with his wife!]

that rather than be true to what she claims here of being against self promotion and against the extreme and the ignorant daee that she has continued for 6 to 8 months now posting slanders lies and down right attcks against others and all in aid of her audience. [PROJECTION or pot calling the kettle black! YOU MY BROTHER have been the one slandering, lying, and attacking ME for the past 6-8 months….I haven’t kept track. Since you did not get the response you seeked on my blog YOU went on a forum to get an audience…not I MY BROTHER!]

i would like those who visit her blog to notice the following

lies of her and her family status [bring your proof if you are truthful]

promotion of her husband [Are you jealous?]

promotion of her family [Go pay some attention to yours and leave mine alone!]
self promotion [All hail the Queen!]
singling out people who remind her [Oh like YOU! You remind me of a Shayateen (devil)]
arrogance in making tafseel of the ulemah general fatwaa [Whatever…snaps fingers…rolls eyes…tosses hair]

jahil interpretation and interpolation of fatwa and issues of fiqh [More Projection…it is you who insist that it is permissable to ‘expose’ me because i have a public blog….now who is jahil (ignorant)?]

attcks on poor muslimahs hygyne and habits and customs [Which I deleted and made tawbah (repented) for, you just don’t accept it even though it was a namesless and unknown person! Also I explained that I should have generally said that “people from such and such squat when going potty”, instead of being specific. It was my mistake and I ask Allah (not you) to forgive me for it] 

attcks on the fellow muslimahs from her comunity [lies!]
attcks upon the people who advise her to desist [more lies]

attacks upon the muslims in general in her neighbourhood and making hukm on them and their intentions [Ever heard of leaving off what doesn’t concern you? Why the deep personal interest?]

the list goes on [and so do you…you like the damn Energizer bunny or summin’]

The sisters blogs and indeed her earlier posts here showed such a similarity with aK and Hasan somali and others that we should have known

It is funny how someone with no experiance of Brum was such an expert here under the name strange muslimah and then over on her blog umm adaam she became an expert in sharee’ah without any studies at all!!

Please advise the sister on her blog and ask her to edit it before Allah turns to her.

[I don’t even need to comment on that. Your absurdities speak for themself.]

But wait…there’s more! This time the red font is what the nutball wrote, I’ll respond in another color.

As.sallamu laykum [Alter Ego trying to throw us off by pretending that he can’t spell Arabic or English and he knows both languages and teaches one of them!]

Its strange sister not Muslimah

anyway her blog is under her kuniyah: ummadam and its on wordpress.

I suggest that you only read what you can stomach and see if what I said was false.

BTW it is known that she will take advice but in any way its given she decides to just ignore it. There was even the chance for her to return to any Aailm in KSA but she wasn’t willing to. Her husband was able to even translate and present it but she refused to do so.

For more infomation on her attcks and exposition of her own family

read the following posts on her blog
in archieves october 2007 to now

also read

Tales from the hood category


and others on the Maid Saga.

However remember that most of the way she tells her life as a lady of leisure with driver ad maid is bul [I have never presented myself as being a lady of leisure. I’ve said on more than one occasion that we use to live from paycheck to paycheck! Our parents have financially assisted us! Delivered my children in Government Hospitals! Husband buys Bronosauraus hoopties!  acknowledged that our housing has always been considered tacky and that most of my friends who mlive here feel sorry for me cos I don’t live in a fancy Villa! ETC.]

Her maid is living in an apartment withthem ( go figure) [take note that he said ‘apartment’]

her driver was the local cab!! [I mentioned in anotrher post when someone asked about drivers that my driver (well he’s no longer our driver sionce we’ved moved but he is like family and has come and visited us on several occasions since we have moved) is sponsored by one of our old neighbors and drives a Van. He is a private driver not a taxi cab driver…but does that matter?]

she writes to promote her life to unsuspecting and obviously stuck in teh hood types who she wants to look up to her. [“stuck in the hood types”…Look up to me! Get real. Who am I to look up to? I’m a worn out, over the hill mom who still hasn’t learned Arabic and drops out of Quran School more than I care to say!]

funny however that after her maid stories she was gettin put down and so had to play the under pressure housewife with too much to handle. [not only do I play that on my blog but I’m a real life one to!!!!lol]

From Queen sheba to run down wife all in one post [yeah Multi-tasking will do that to ya…rofl]

Allahu must’aan
she also gives her own sharee’ah advice and explanations of general fatwa and applies ayat and hadeeth like she knows where they go. [That’s Shaykah Umm Adam to you]

there is the appalling abuse of her maid

citing her toilet habits and the smells that she had in her bathroom [that after deleting you keep rehashing!

nowadays she is simply back in a portable cabin ( read Trailer from the states) [I thought it was an apartment. See this is where you confirmed my suspicions you low down dirty dog! My husband only told TWO English speaking brothers that he may be moving into a trailer if he accepted this job. We were actually EXCITED about that because the trailer came with a big yard and we did not want to have to give up our childrens playground set. There was no shame in our game if we were to have moved into a trailer…we know others who do (double wides!lol)…so I don’t know why you thought you was busting us out…stop acting like a BEEYAAAAACH!!!] pretending its great and a house and also that she can drive even in KSA!! LOL

yeah her hubby gets her a car which she can drive to and from the local shop in the housing compound!! All of about 100 feet

why not walk[ why not tell the truth? because you can’t handle the truth! My husband bought me a car that I don’t want and can count how many times I have driven…I don’t live on a 100ft housing compound.  Its actually much larger than the housing we were in before. Again I ask, does it matter?]

Subhanallah! i can’t believe I’m responding to this crap. However, it doesn’t stop there. he goes on and on belligerantly spewing a bunch of malarkey. He then comes on to my blog with more of his insane jibberish:

heres the news from saudi [gossip monger…any news from you certainly needs to be verified…you are a liar and insane…we don’t take from you]

Firstly having housemaids not under your Sponsership is illegal. [In some cases but ceertainly not in all cases] Secondly having a foriegn woman in the house who is paraded infront of your husband shows the woman of the house has little respect for herself. Even less care over her husbands deen. Any man in any situation is not immune from the temptations of extra material sex. Its why we have the precedent of warning off evil taking the precedence over bring about a good. [Alhamduillah, that is not my case there are strict boundaries when I have ANY woman in my house]

Furthermore having a maid and thinking you can talk about her performance ( including toliet habits) is arrogant. Like you paid her wage so she is yours. What about the honour of the Muslimah ( indoneaseans are muslims)

Also what a joke that someone with big girls and two little boys needs a maid to clean a trailer home. [Here we go again! You thought you were busting me but bust yourself. Oh Foolish one]

[Doesn’t look like a trailer to me….I mean it’s not a lap of luxury but we are content walhamduillah. Let’s see it from another angle just to be sure…maybe i’m wrong or maybe you just don’t have yo facts straight]

[I live in a two story duplex or whatever you want to call it]

Although if you do thats cool but stop whining about them and stop whining that they cost too much. [I’ve never complained about paying for them or that they cost to much…they make $150.00usd a month and are with you 24/7 how could I complain about the cost?]

You pay for her services cos you need em. if you can’t or won’t pay then just do without. Anyway its your husbands overtime thats paying for it!! as you said your husbands at work till 5 pm [no i didnt say that. i said that he was at work when she told me she quit, whicgh was around 8am…however he wasnt working. i also said that he would not be home until 5 pm..i didnt say where he would be until then]

who in a saudi uni works till 5pm in summer except someone who has to do overtime. And what for?/[who said my husband works for a Saudi uni? I’m sorrry have we met?]

to rent an illegal maid for an ungratefull wife. [verily some forms of suspicion are haram. where do you get that the maid was illegal. if io am correct you are hustling yourself working on your own iqama for ppl who havent sponsored you. you also recruit others like you…projection!]

thats right ungratefull for if you were gratefull you wouldn’t moan so much !! [and if u were a man u wouldnt bitch so much!]

oh and by the way you aint even home schooling so whats the biggie my niggie?? [My husband will not confront you but I will..bring it on…you don’t know me and I do not play like that]

its strange that we see many sisters doin the full load for their family in saudi and elsewhere ( darul kufr which is harder ) and then along comes a moaner and with venom in her mouth for anyone who tries to help she puts back the sisters 20 years !!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks to “not coping” sisters like this we find brothers working more and more hours to make ends meet in ksa where it gets continually more expensive.

The brothers don’t even get what you moan about

a chnace to stay at home.

[alhamduillah i am not married to those brothers! i don’t want a maid, i prefer my husband helps out in some capacity. however, he does not want to and he insist that i get some help. it is more important to hiom that i take proper care of his children and leave all the dirty work to somebody else. i dont complain, but u make it sound like its haram to get help. i have given this man 4 children and the only time i am not with them is when i am in the hospital having another one. even when i am in the hospital for other reasons i have had a baby with me. thats right i had an emergency gallbladder removed and kept my then 2 month old daughter over night with me. almost died of pnemonia because i didnt want to leave my 15 month old daughter who was very attached. i was in the hospital for a week and throughly depressed about abandoning my baby! i have not gone on a daste with my husband. i drop out of school because he doesnt want the children in a nursery and i dont want to disturb other students. i dont exercise because i dont have anyone to keep the baby not even for 30 minutes…but my husband dedicates a big amount of time playing tennis….so nyeah the least he can do is get a maid to offer me some relief. and i will not even correct my errors that i am making due to nursing the baby while typing this post…..]

even when they are in sisters like this give them reason to use earplugs [babies waking up in the middle of the night give him reason to wear ear plugs!he sleeps i change diapers, nurse, and wake the older kids up to go to the bathroom…o but not always cuz on the rare occasion that i do sleep and not wake trhem…somebody pees in the bed and i have the pleasure of getting up in the middle of the night to wash linen, bed, and babies! this is not a complaint but i hate to see a man talk about something he has no knowledge of. my husband works only half of a year! not to mention weekends off…my job is 24/7 for life! why make me look trifling and make him look like some poor used up sucker for getting his wife help?!!!]

and finally when they steal the moments with thier kids these type of sisters come along and spoil the outting withtheir bad attitudes of

“what have you done for me lately” [i have no idea wth you are talking about]

stop moaning and try doing some work and when you do stop writting a blog on it congratulating or self flagulating yourself. [I just made dua against you. Watch out May Allah humialiate you in this life and the next. May all your sins be exposed to everything in existance on the day of judgement. I ask that Allah compensate me with your good deeds and punish you by taking my bad deeds…aameen ammen ammen allahuma ameen!]

its what we call a prima donna complex. [you are what i call a PAB…FIGURE THAT OUT] .oh and last but not least

what the heck is a house boy going to do??


I have 4..count them 4 outdoor balconeys or porches or whatevedr you wanna call them. When we were moving from the old Villa, I packed everything and sorted out everything. I told my ndh everything to keep and get rid of. He too has gotton use to a life of having people serve him and he decided not to even go back to the old house and supervise the movers. instead he told them to pack everything and not throw anything away. The movers came with old furniture and literally garbage. I was furious. I had them put everything that was suppose to be bthrown away on the outdoor poches. It was a hideous sight! Even the entryway porche was cluttered. For 4 months I begged my dh to clean up his mess. He didn’t. It took 3 men to remove all the debris and clean those areas.]

I mean you bring a man to do womens work in your presence in your house!! [you should really stop assuming so much…u know what they say about assuming…u r making a complete ass out of yourself!]

we ask Allahs Refuge!!

I seek refuge in Allah from YOU!