Please watch all the videos. They are such eemaan boosters! For non-Muslims….THIS IS WHAT ISLAM IS ABOUT!

I’m having a little bit of a dilema. I would love to make umrah (mini pilgrimage to Makkah) this summer. However, I’m wondering if I should just wait until Ramadan, since Ramadan is also during this summer’s break. As you may or may not know, there are more blessings in making umrah during Ramadan. I also absolutely love praying behind Imam Abdur Rahman As Sudais and next to MILLIONS of my brothers and sisters in Islam, from all over Allah’s vast world!

As you can see from the above video, the crowd in the summer months are alot lighter. It’s much more peaceful and easier to perform the umrah. You still need to watch your children carefully, but it is not even close as chaotic as it is in Ramadan, with over 2 million people!

Also, if I go before Ramadan, it is more affordable and I may be able to go to medinah as well…insha’Allah.



The problem is that because there are so many people there, it is easy to get lost or for children to get lost (or taken) wa nauthi billah min thaliq (and we seek refuge in Allah from that). So i’m really thinking that making umrah, before the Ramadan and hajj crowds come in, is better for my family.

I’m making dua that my mother can come for Ramadan. If she comes, insha’Allah then we will take her for umrah. This way, between the 3 adults we can take turns praying tawaree and qiyam and one can stay at the hotel with the kids. However, that presents anothwer problem! My kids love to go nto the haram!

Oh well…I know what must be done. Salatul Istaqarah (decision prayer for guidance). Just thought I’d run it by you guys too.



1. Subhanallah! If I were not a Muslim (and All Praise is due to Allah for guiding me to Islam and the Sunnah), I think that after reading trhe translation from Surah Taha in this video…I would submit!

2. That dua (supplication) is one of my reasons for wanting to go the last 10 nights of Ramadan!

3. This is the call to prayer

4. This shows the whole prayer.