…or as we say in Chi-Town, ‘The Lakefront’.

I am not a very outdoorsy  person, but with 4 children, one has to venture out from time to time. It seems like shopping is the national past time here in Saudi and we tend to spend most of our outings going to one mall or another (hey it’s hot here and the malls are air conditioned! Plus that is where the indoor amusement parks are). Now that it’s summer time and our outings are more frequent, we are tired of spending so much money every time we go out (read: we aren’t rich!), so my husband has decided that 3 days a week we will pack our own food and go to some free outdoor spots. Here are some pics I took this past weekend:

The water man.

Proof of a lie! These are unescorted women! It is a myth that women here can not leae the house without a male relative!

That’s my 3 yr old son, his friend, my oldest daughter, her friend, and my youngest daughter.

See how spoil we are here? Everything comes with sun protection of some sort!



This picture was taken before my husband declared that I would have to pack food. The kids were hungry and took off when they saw KUDUS, which sales Philly Steak N Cheese sandwiches!

I have not been on a date with my husband since the first month of our marriage! He only took me out then because we did not move in together for a month. I wanted us to ‘date’ first (for my non-Muslim readers, there is no dating in Islam. My husband and I were ‘hooked up’ and married two weeks later). It’s been 9 1/2 years and 4 kids later, plus living in a country with no relatives to babysit and well this here is the closest to a date we have had. I sent my oldest 3 children and their friends to eat indoor and play, while we had a semi-date outside (with the baby!).

Qadam Qura (football) or as we Americans say, soccer, is the national sport.

One of the reasons I LOVE it here! This is Salatul Maghrib (the prayer around sunset). There are usually Masajid located just about everywhere you can imagine, but on this corniche they have an outdoor Musalla (prayer area). See how the youth, who were playing soccer earlier, stopped to pray? Now that’s what I’m talking about!

When I saw this family, I knew I had to blog a picture. This is a mother and her young children praying! I remember being shy in America if it were time to pray and I was out. No shame here! The whole world is a place for prayer!

This is an old man and a teenage boy praying. However, what I wanted to point out is their Indonesian maid praying behind them. All of these pics were taken without me having to move. To my right were the men praying in jumat (congregation), to my left was the woman and her children, and this pic was in front of me. Almost everyone out there (and the crowd was getting deep, as most people come out after the sunsets to avoid the heat) were praying. It is such an eemaan (faith) booster to have people remembering their Lord all around you!


This woman makes delicious homemade food and sales it, everyday.

There are other vendors all around the park as well. They sale drinks, junk food, toys, and rugs..lol!

Everything you need is on this corniche! No joke. Hotels, restaurants, fast food joints, malls…you name it!