It has come to my attention that a great number of my pre-Islamic friends are reading my blog. My high school and University have an alumni site that has linked many of my ‘old school’ friends to my blog. Also people I just knew from around the way or grew up with. I’m thrilled to have you guys here and am so happy to be back in contact with you all.

Two of my friends left comments on the alumni site that surprised me. After seeing some old pics of me on the site, I told my friend that I now wear Islamic attire and even cover my face. She apologised for posting the pics and asked if she should remove them. I thought that was so respectful and I had not even requested it! Another old friend has been reading my blog and found it and my life experiences very interesting. He has made several comments to me on the alumni site and then apologised for doing so! Gosh, it makes me so proud to have such respectful friends.

These are the people that I know understand my blog most. I thought it would be my Muslim friends, but I now think it is the people who knew me prior to Islam. They know the whole story…they know where I’ve been … where I’m coming from…and now where I’m at.

Stick around and please feel free to comment.