School is now out for all of the children in Saudi Curriculum schools, who do not have to take exams. Due to Ramadan starting in August, school will not resume until after the Eid, which is in the middle of October! This is another reason I am glad we moved. I usually dread these long hot summer vacations. For five years EVERY summer we would be stranded on our compound. Our car never failed to break down every summer. Qadr Allah. We usually manage to make umrah and other than that we are in the house. The compound turns into a ghost town during school breaks, because Saudis either travel or host.

I suspect our new housing area will turn into a ghost town as well, but that’as ok because even if  the car breaks down we are only a taxi cab away from most of the hot spots. There are also several summer programs to choose from to put the children in, so insha’Allah we are all good.

I also plan on reviewing my daughters school work. Especially in Quran, because when I was pregnant I did not take them to their tutor and then we moved and I haven’t found a new tutor. They take extra Quran 4x a week at the masjid and once a week in a weekend program, plus at school. So often times they are memorising several different chapters. This isn’t working, I would rather have a private tutor and the weekend program.

Another reason I am not dreading the long summer is because I’m t-i-r-e-d! That’s right TIRED! While I was in the hospital having the baby, the kids were on semester break. I came home on a Friday and school started back that Saturday morning. It was business as usual for me, plus running back and forth driving an hour away to get the baby’s passport and we exited the country twice to come in on a new work Visa, packing up and moving. I’m exhausted. Fajr (the morning prayer) comes in at 3:30a.m and then I have to wake kids up at 6a.m. This summer I plan on sleeping in to at least 10am insha’Allah!

I’m considering introducing juice to the baby this Ramadan, because it will be at least a 14 hour fast and I am exclusively nursing. Dh has veto power over that though and will not allow me to fast if it interferes with nursing the baby.

Gotta go…diaper duty!