As my header indicates, I am a black woman married to a white man. Obviously the children are mixed. Our particular combination is not very common. Most of the mixed kids I knew growing up had black fathers. So it is very rare that my children meet people with families like ours. Add to that that we are living in a foreign land.  They know many other mixed families, mostly my white friends married to Saudi men. For the longest I have been the only African American woman that they knew and their father has been the only white man they knew. Still, they knew white because  have many white friends, they know Arab because we are in an Arab land….but me and my nephew were the only black they knew (with the exception of brief encounters at Eid gatherings every year or so).

Now that we live in a more metropolitan area, they are exposed to many races. There are white men all over the place and they now have friends that have white Muslim fathers. We are also living closer to my African American friends so now I’m not the only AA woman they know. I even have a SISTAH do my hair once a week (no disrespect to the Filipina stylists who burned my scalp and fried my hair for almost 6 years!), so they get to play with AA kids on a regular basis now.

I’m not sure if my husband even noticed, or my kids, but I was just thinking about it.