This post is inspired by Amatullah’s comment (I don’t know how to highlight on the laptop so I can’t link the comment. You’ll have to read it in the comments on my ‘Masalaama’ post). I actually planned on blogging about my move and new place but well ya know…

Fortunately enough my husband has managed to get pretty good jobs that also come with housing. Many jobs give you a housing allowance and it is up to you to find a place and furnish it. Alhamduillah my husband’s previous job for the past 5 1/2 years was with a Government Utility Plant and they have a huge housing compound next to the plant for the employees. This time around we were also fortunate enough to be provided fully furnished housing within his current employers housing facility, walhamduillah. There are many things I miss about us working and living at the old place but alhamduillahAllah has always improved our situation and compensated us with better every move we have made. Masha’Allah.

When we first left the States and moved to Bahrain, my dh was working in an environment that was not good for his deen (way of life/religion). Our housing was nice. It was in a fully furnished luxury flat. It had two bedrooms and two bathroom. Our family was smaller then, we had my oldest daughter, my nephew and I was pregnant. We had no car but we lived walking distance from his job. We had to pay our own utilities and we did not have a home phone. Our refrigerator, washer, and dryer were for bachelors (very small). There were no playgrounds and no activities. We were happy and content because we KNEW and TRUSTED that if we were patient and made sincere duas(supplications) that Allah would provide us with better.

Seven months later my husband got a job in Saudi that almost tripled his salary in Bahrain! Masha’Allah. We were provided fully furnished housing in a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom Villa witha huge backyard. We had all American standard Appliances and all utilities were paid. The compound has a mile long private beach with several playgrounds. It also had swimming pools. They had one swimming pool for the Saudis and third world employers and their families and they had a private pool and recreation center for their Western Workers who may want to intermingle (men and women together). By the time we got there most of the Westerners were gone. So for the most part we used the western rec center as our families private pool area. Masha’Allah. Most of our neighbors were Saudi and very neighborly. I was very happy and content there my first few years and actually mapped out a plan that we would stay there until my oldest daughter finished 6th grade and then would move to Medina. As she got older I started not to enjoy the place as much I would if I did not have children to worry about. The plant was stuck in the middle of nowhere and there really wasn’t much to do. I could not spend all day everyday at the beach, playground, or pool. My children were bored out of their minds and it was driving me crazy! So I found my husband a new job! lol!

Before he left the old job many people tried to discourage him from leaving. The job was very fond of him and seemed either hurt or insulted in a way that he would leave. The kicker is that it is no secret to everyone that knows him and who he works for, that he took a huge pay cut. So now instead of having a salery that is almost triple what he made in Bahrain, his salaryis a little less than what he started off with at the last job. Keep in mind that he received annual raises for the past 5 years, so this is a significant difference. Not only that but our housing is of a lesser degree. We now live in a 3 bedroon2 bathroom duplex style villa with no separate majlis for guest. I have a stupid semi automatic washing machine and no dryer…no maid! Exactly! That’s why I’m not online! However, we couldn’t be happier!!! Alhamduillah! Masha’Allah! I can’t recall hearing the B word (bored) from my kids since we moved. The housing compound we are on now is even bigger than the one we left…which is like a village in itself. However, it is designed different and there are more foreigners than Saudis. This makes a difference because Saudi girls don’t usually play outside (they do here). I would have never thought that my children (boys or girls) would be outside playing like I did as a child but the way they have designed this place is so kid friendly that all you see are kids everywhere and my kids are so excited and I am so happy for them Masha’Allah. Not only that but we are located in the most ideal place (outside of Mecca and Medinah). There opening a CURVES FOR WOMEN less than 5 minutes away from me, this Sunday!  It’s just very convenient living here, alhamduillah.

Some other perks that make the pay cut worthwhile are:

A LIBRARY! That’s right….I never go to it but it’s here and I plan on using it just as soon as the baby is not a baby anymore, insha’Allah.

A COMMUNITY CENTER! With a women’s exercise room and swimming pool with LIFE GUARDS! Nope I don’t use that yet either….but hey I’m an EXCLUSIVELY nursing mom.


GREAT SCHOOLS! My daughter was getting home around 11:30 at the old school but this school has additional classes. She now has English, Computer, and best of all P.E!!!! It actually has a real American Standard (American’s can be so uppidity…lol) gymnasium.

and last and least in my book

WOMEN CAN DRIVE!!! My dh bought me a car before we even moved here! I told him i was not interested in driving. He had other things in mind….HIS FREEDOM! Everyone thinks I’m nuts for letting the car sit there and collect dust…but I will not be oppressed! I WILL NOT RUN ERRANDS!!!!!

There are Arabic and Quran Classess for women; many halaqas. A chance to make a lot of money teaching English in my house and many other perks. Most I can’t do for myself right now with a baby, but insha’Allah we will be here for a long time but for now seeing my kids as happy as they are is enough for me! Masha’Allah.

Gotta go…baby is demanding so I must go supply!