Not that you’ve missed much. With baby #4 I really don’t get a chance to come online. I’ve had some technical issues preventing me from blogging as well. Such as still no working desk top pc. I’m using my husband’s laptop and let me tell ya people,,,the convience of a laptop is truely overrated! I miss my mouse. I don’t know how to highlight. Not to mention I have to put it up and away so the kids don’t break it. i’m use to just leaving my pc running so that I can pop on and off whenever. Anyway, with a baby constantly on the boob, laptops just aren’t all that. I have so much to say yet so little to say. With my pc I basically updated my blog as things occured, now by the time I get around to getting online, whatever I wanted to blog about is old news or not worth mentioning.

Just thought I’d pop in….