…and I am feeling much much better walhamduillah!

After giving much Praise, Glorification, and Exaltation to our Creator and Lord of Everything in Existence – I would like to thank everyone who offered prayers, supplications, advice, kind words, and thoughts.

I honestly can’t tell what made me better. Allah is the source of all cures and I took every one’s advice. I drank the Cran-Aid, Cranberry Juice, Pomegranate Juice, and of course tons of water. I think that my problem was probably caused by two long car trips I took AGAINST doctors orders. One was the day after I was released from the hospital. I was fine before this. In both cases I was in the car for several hours. Our car was in the shop, so we were in a rental car. My husband and nephew in the front. Me, the baby in his car seat, the two girls on one side of the baby, and my other son and I on the other side. It only is suppose to seat three! My 30 lb son rode on my lap the entire time and slept on my lap on the way home both times. Perhaps this bruised me internally, because my doctor said that I was raw inside. So I’m thinking I added stress to an already sensitive area.

My father is in the hospital. He is Muslim, please make dua for him. He has dialysis 3 times a week, has suffered from two strokes, and regularly has seizures. Last week he fell and my family took him to the hospital. They found and infection in him, but nothing medically keeping him from walking, so he is being referred for rehab to help him ‘mentally’ learn to walk again.

While talking to my Aunt, I told her that I was really interested in tracing my roots. I wanted to know more about Grandaddy. Growing up all I knew was that his name was N.C Carter and I met one of his brothers – Uncle Tootie (sp). After he died I saw his death certificate had his name as Nin Cea. My aunt said that nobody new that was his name until after he died. She said that Uncle Tootie and the rest of his family do not even have Carter as their last names, but are known as ‘Air-Heart’. I told her that I call my baby ‘Lil Ole N.C’, because he looks so much like him and is red just like him, plus my grandfather use to call me either, ‘Lil Ole Hattie Mae’ or ‘Lil Ole Lady Carter’ after my grandmother. My aunt then told me that even though my grandfather was born in Molten Arkansas – his people are from Oklahoma and are the reddest people you will ever see and that they spread across some mountains in California. So that’s all I know for now. I’ll try and see what I can do with that information.

If anyone is wondering why I call the baby, ‘My lil Sharwama’; it is not because I am fond of the processed sandwich. I actually can’t stand them unless they are exceptional. If you don’t know what a Sharwama is, it’s like a Gyro, but only in a wrap. Here’s my lil Sharwama:


Most hospitals around the world will swaddle (wrap up) the babies in the nursery like this. However, it was not until I got to this part of the world, that I noticed people still swaddling their babies at home. In Saudi, it is lazum (a must) that you swaddle your child for at least the first two months. I have had three children born abroad and my lil Sharwama, may just be the first one to last two months, insha’Allah. He really enjoys being swaddle and doesn’t try to escape like his older siblings did.

I wanted to come on and reply to your wonderful comments, but I have limited access to the internet, for the time being, and have used up my time writing this post. Please do not be offended if I do not reply to the comments.