I arrived at the hospital, to be admitted, the morning before the operation. I was nervous, but trying really hard to put my trust and reliance in Allah. I had a really bad previous cesarean. All of my children have been born via cesarean. My first two were without incident, alhamduillah. However, my 3rd cesarean was very complicated. When the opened me up, they could not get to the baby, because my abdominal wall, uterus, and bladder were all stuck together due to adhesion (scar tissue) from the two previous cesareans.

I was given a local anesthesia (spinal tap), for the first three deliveries. The doctors fr the third delivery were opposed to this and I had to get special permission, because it is hospital policy that they use a general anesthesia. There was much commotion in the room, I as awake and nobody informed me of what was going on. I remember watching the monitors and their reaction.  Remember my boy shivering and  me saying how cold I was. That must have been from blood lost, because I had to have a blood transfusion. After they took the baby out, there was not much happening, which was weird. Usually, after the baby is out the close me up and I’m sent to recovery in about 15 minutes. A while later Dr. Atif the head of the ob/gy came in. I was latwer infprmed by a nurse that my doctor was not suppose to perform the operatio without him present and that he was in another operation and so she just decided to do it with out him. Once he came in, I heard whispering and then I heard him say, “put her to sleep” and the gas mask came down and I was out for the next four hours.

Needless to say, he was not pleased when he saw me in the hospital a few weeks ago (typical of me to spend a great part of my last trimester in and out the hospital regulating my blood pressure). He told me, “Didn’t I advise you not to get pregnant again?” I was like, no you did not and I specifically asked you if I could have more children. I remember him looking at me like, “why the heck would you want more?”, but his answer was still yes and he did not advise me to not have more, even though I figured it wasn’t the best option.

So after this delivery, Dr. Atif and my OB/GY came to visit me and inform me that it took them, “over four hours to do a 20 minute procedure.” They said that this delivery was the worse and extremely complicated. Not only was my life at risk but they were not sure, once they opened me and found the mess, how they would avoid causing damage to my organs. Ths time my bowels were stuk together with the bladder, uterus, and abdominal wall. They said it was difficult to get to the baby and even more difficult to get to my tubes, because the doctor determined that a tubal ligation was in order. I’ve been told to come home and not do ANYTHING! Even though my incision wound may appear to heal normally, they said that my insides are raw from all the scraping away of the scar tissues. I don’t ‘do nothing’ well, especially when I have so many people depending on me. However, my husband does ‘nothing’ very well!

I’ll try to post a few other blogs, but I won’t be around much. I’m drained, exhausted, and in a state of confusion that I don’t recall ever being in. I had a bad reactionto some meds in the hospital. I was sick with a sore thrat and dry coough for two weeks and after the surgury it was extremely painful to cough and I was given a number of drugs including a cough suppressant and antihistimine and I haven’t been quite right in the mind or body since then. So to avoid a blog full og mu pycho babble, I’ll just stay away, plus since I don’t do nothing well I am actually extremely busy (not baby related) for the next two weeks insha’allah.

Please keep me in your duas.