My daughter called to invite a friend over. She’s from an Asian background that has you studying harder for Kindergarten exams, than I did in University! So the little girl was concerned that her father would say no.

DD#1: “OK. I’ll tell you what to do. Whenever I am really bored and I am afraid my parents will tell me ‘no’, I walk around them – talking to myself really loud, so that they can hear me. Saying, ‘I wish I could go over my friends house’. Yes, I swear – it works all the time!”

As, I am typing this my other daughter runs in from the backyard to use the bathroom. She comes out with an empty liquid soap dispenser and ask me if it is O for her to take it in the backyard to play with. I tell her no, because it is freezing outside and I don’t want them playing in the water. She starts pouting and stomps back in the bathroom to put the dispenser back, and says “Mommy, how many times I have told you to ALWAYS say ‘yes’ to us?!” Then stomps out the bathroom saying, “Ghufraanak”*, with an attitude.

*The dua for leaving the bathroom, remember this is the daughter who ALWAYS makes her duas. I thought it was funny, because most kids would have forgot to say it in the midst of a tantrum.