About a month ago, the schools did a lice inspection. According to my 5 year old the teachers went around with a pencil sticking in the students hair and inspecting. I suspect they used the same pencil on each child. Every since then, my daughters have been complaining of non-stop itching. I have checked their hair for lice, but I do not see anything unusual. We share pillows and even though they are suppose to use a separate comb and brush than I do (I put oil in my hair and it doesn’t look good in their hair), they often use my comb and brush. However, I am not experiencing any itching and lice is contagious.* Am I being paranoid, because the school used the same pencil or is it possible they have lice and I haven’t found it yet (or my hair type does not provide a breeding ground?)

 Not to make a race issue out of this, but I went to all black schools and lived in all black areas so it was never an issue (our hair is too dry I was told). So I really do not know what I’m looking for. I’m googling it now and haven’t learned much.

*Subhanallah, I’m psychosomatic, because as soon as I finished this entry and was about to post it, I came down with the itches!