Yup, Mama loves her babies. They drive me insane at times, but I just adore them. I just wanted to share a few more reasons why I love them and I pray that Allah loves them more!

1. They have been in the backyard playing, and the adthaan for salatul maghrib was just called. Without my prompting, all three ran one after another (with a friend in tow) into the house. For those who don’t know, the maghrib adthaan has a similar effect as ‘the street lights’ in America. The kids no that’s when it’s time to come in. Of course there is an Islamic explanation for it.

2. The other night, I reminded my daughter not to forget to make dua when she gets on her horse at her lessons. She asked me which dua should she make. I told her to make the same one she makes when she gets in the car. Now a few hours earlier she had doubted me when she asked me how to spell ‘Dragon’. I told her, but she was shy and did not want to tell me I was wrong so she went on to spell it the way she thought it should be spelled, ‘Jragon’. When she showed me later, I told her that she misspelled it and she did not want to show her doubt in me, but she kept asking me if I were sure, because her way made more sense to her. So after telling her to make the same dua getting on her horse as she does getting in the car, again she was shy. However, since this was about her deen, she was not afraid to question it. So she politely inquired, if I were sure this was OK and not a bidah (newly invented matter in the religion). I thought that was too cute. Not only her concern to follow the sunnah (the way our Prophet Muhammad instructed, us on how to practice Islam) correctly, but the fact that she had not realised that if anything making the dua in the car would be the bidah. So, I asked her if they had trains, planes, and automobiles in the time of the Prophet. She said, “no”. Then I asked her what did the Prophet use for transportation and she said Camels and horses. So I then said, “well then what dua do you think he made when he got on his Camel or Horse?” Subhanallah, the smile and the light bulb moment was just too cute. She looked at me like I had redeemed myself and was not the idiot she thought I was becoming. She was so proud of me, as I were of her. Masha’Allah.

Now of course my husband takes all the credit for all the good the children do and I get all the blame when things go wrong. No kidding, he actually thinks that millisecond he spends a day with them is why they are so great. Masha’Allah. Last week he took my oldest daughter with him in the mornings to play tennis, since they were on vacation. One of the other players has a daughter her age and they would play together. My husband came home to tell me that one of the wives showed up and played against my daughter and the my daughter won! He took the credit and said that the reason he always makes sure to tell people that they have inherited his natural athletic ability is because since I am black people will assume that it came from me. Anyway, yesterday she had her horse riding  lesson and the instructor wanted her to dismount while the horse was trotting. She has perfected dismounting a still horse but this was her first time getting off of a moving horse. Masha’Allah, the instructor was amazed at the ease she did it. What did my beaming husband say? He turns to me all smiles and says, “You know why she was able to do that so good, don’t you?” I say, “yes yes I know, because she has inherited your natural athletic abilities.” He says, “no, because I allow her to jump on the bed!” Of course I did not even respond. I thought that was the stupidest explanation I had ever heard, but he was convinced that because he let’s them jump in the bed, she is now a better horse rider. Masha’Allah.

I could go on and on, but that will suffice it for now.