…does NOT exist! I know this may sound strange, to African Americans in particular but it is true. Afro-Saudis consider them self Saudi and nothing else. They would probably faint if they even knew that I made a distinction here by referring to them as Afro-Saudis. They take what Allah has decreed for them in this life, as just that. Allah’s Decree. There is no concept of blame game. Nobody is keeping them down, they don’t blame ‘the man’, ‘the system’, or ‘slave mentality’. The race card here would be viewed as a sign of weakness.

There is a solidarity between them and tribal Saudis. If they feel they have been mistreated based on their color, they don’t complain about it. I believe to them it would be like putting out your dirty laundry.*

African Americans on the other hand have no problem soliciting sympathy from others. Don’t do that here…you won’t get any. All you will get is a lost of any respect they may have had for you as an American Citizen. You come over here talking about racism and the struggles we as a people have encountered, you will be viewed as a looser. Do not remind them that your people were once slaves. Do not give your Malcolm X conversion story. They will not find it fascinating that you use to be a pimp, drug dealer, and ex-con. Keep it simple and just praise Allah for guiding you to Islam, when asked. Same for the woman…the women will want to here about your sordid past, but don’t tell them about all your babies daddies and explain why all your kids have different last names. Keep it simple and just praise Allah for guiding you to Islam. The African American struggle does not impress them. They will not sympathise with you.

After being asked my nationality once and telling them I am American  – to be further questioned on my origins, I thought I would give a little history lesson. I tried to explain that I could not trace my roots the way they could, because of the history of slavery in America and how that also caused mixed races with blacks, whites, and Indians. They couldn’t believe I admitted to having slave blood. I’ve met black Saudis who deny their slave blood. They will tell you that their people came over as carpenters and traders but not slaves…maybe. Whatever reasons they may have, don’t bring your black nationalist mentality over here.*

Anyway, from a comment I made in the last post I just wanted to clarify that there really isn’t a race card to be played here. Everything is Qadr Allah wa masha fa al.

If you have to pull out anything here, let it be your American passport…

*It’s the same with the women here, they do not complain. You hear most of the complaints of so-called oppression coming from the big mouths in the West. You here most of the cries of racism coming from blacks from the west. While there are some who express a desire for change, I dare say the great majority of the weaker citizens (what the west views as weaker) i.e women and blacks, are content with the status quo.

* I’ve actually read on some forums a call for black pride/nationalism in the Gulf. Of course these were non-Gulf blacks making this call, because they don’t feel that the blacks here should acept their plight. Their plight really isn’t that bad.