Often times my neighbors send dishes over to my home. I usually return them with something that I have prepared. However this is no easy task for me. I cook very different than my Arab, Indo/pak, and African neighbors. Often their dishes are of things they cook in bulk – like rice and pasta dishes. I don’t cook like that. We are a more meat and vegetable family and that is not easy to stretch, considering the size of the very large dishes they send. I had a neighbor send a pasta salad over and I wanted to return the dish today, but I cooked steak, salad, and spinach soup. I didn’t have enough steak to send and felt cheap if I sent a salad (which I had plenty of). I didn’t send the soup because her dish came in a casserole dish. Many times, I make brownies and send over, that’s usually a big hit. However, shh nobody tell anybody, but I use Betty Crocker and was out.

Does anybody have any idea of what a person like me (who hates cooking and tries to make the simplest dishes possible) can send when returning a dish? Also, I would like to initiate sending dishes, but again same problem. I can never think of anything that they would eat besides my brownies.