Listen up lurkers! I have a little assignment that I would like for you all to do. There is another blogger, The American Bedu, who is sharing her experiences and observation of living in the Mamlaka. Most of what she shares, is about Saudis. However, after a few comments left my moi, she has an interest in converts.

In her entry, The Saudi Mother-In-Law, I made reference to my husband and I both being American converts, who had an arranged marriage. She asked me to share my story, so here goes:

My husband and I both attended the same Islamic Center during Ramadan 1998. He knew most of the brothers and I knew most of the sisters. We both were told about each other from several different people. I did not make much of it, until my wakeel (guardian for consent of marriage) suggested him to me. I had a lot of respect for my wakeel, he is an educated and serious African American brother, who I knew would never hook me up with someone fresh out of rehab or still living in a halfway house, or in need of a green card. He arranged a meeting for us at American Open University, in Prof Mamdouh Muhammad’s office. Two weeks later we were wed. One month later, we moved in together. One year later, we had our first child. Three years later, we moved to Bahrain and then to Saudi and have lived happily ever after. Masha’Allah!

In her post, Foreign Wives Who Become Saudized, I felt as though many of the changes she described these women undergoing were more likely changes converts made, regardless of bi-cultural marriages. This too peaked her interest in convert issues. She asked me:

So you do acknowledge that you chose to change your way of dress after converting to Islam? Is this because you felt more comfortable changing your dress style then?

Absolutely! It was a non-issue before Islam. Before Islam, I wore whatever I wanted to wear I had no concept of Islamic dress and if I did it did not apply to me. As a Muslim I have had to make many lifestyle changes, as Islam is a complete way of life. So it is not just the clothes that I have changed. My personality is still very much the same, but my my activities, how I choose my companions, how I relate with people, and many other things have been altered – with no regrets.

I’m am asking that my readers share there experiences, in regards to:

1. How you met your spouse. I really would like to hear from those of you who had ‘arranged’ marriages.

2. How Islam has changed you. You can be general with this one or you can specifically refer to the outer changes…the points that she mentions in her post about the sister that she encountered. Basically, how do you dress and why.