It is too early in the morning for me to be blogging. It’s a quarter after 7am and  just sent the girls off to school, when suddenly – out of nowhere a thought enters my mind, “Did you name yesterdays post MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOTHING?!” Man, did that tickle me so. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is a comedy by William  Shakespeare.

Since I have you all here – anywayz, I might as well tell you some thoughts. I know I have mentioned the two-facedness of this society before and another blogger pretty much sums it up here . As frustrating as it may be at times (seeing Muslims behave in unislamic matters) there are so many more instances that make you thank and praise Allah for giving you the opportunity to live in the land of the Muslims (yes, even with all of their/our imperfections).

The other day, the children and I got stuck in McDonald’s during the prayer time (it was intentional, dh went to masjid and I did not want to sit in the car or wait outside, as all businesses close down during the salat time. Restaurants will let you stay in, they just turn off the lights, stop taking orders and the usually non-Muslim staff goes on a cigarette break). While sitting I the play area, to let all the wold street children who came in know that they better leave my children alone and being utterly disgusted that a few of the wild ones mothers were eating and not doing a thing about their children’s conduct, I observed several women come from their table and get up to start praying. Right in the middle of McDonald’s! I was so pleased to see this and it really did serve to soften my heart. Later on our way home, my husband pulled over to the gas station to pray. In Saudi, if a new neighborhood or gas station is being built, the FIRST thing you will find constructed is the masjid. Every gas station has one. I sat in the car and watched as car after car pulled up to the closed gas station and went into the masjid. Once the masjid filled up, I watched two men, complete strangers to one another, automatically grab the extra rugs and set them up outside. These were not workers! These were just random worshippers! Before the prayer was over, the lines spilled out into the car ports. It made me think about some recent discussions I have read on some blogs where people insinuate that the only reason you find practicing Muslims in Saudi is because the deen is forced on you. Nobody forced all these men to pull over and pray. They could have continued driving and not been spotted out avoiding the prayer. I don’t think the deen is forced here, I think it is made more CONVIENT here walhamduillah!

I would also like to note that I was parked in front of a vendor. Now that the weather has cooled down, the Saudis like to hang out in the desert on the weekends. You will find that most gas station vendors have set up all your camping and desert needs. Not western camping supplies, but everything a Bedouin could desire. From huge lamb skin coats, to cooking supplies, rugs, arm rest, pillows, sleeping bags, etc. All of this was left unattended during the salat times. I told my husband – had this been in Chicago it would have been immediately looted and sold in beauty shops all over the city!

So this is just a reminder to those who love to sensualise the faults of the Muslims and remind us over and over how their lands are no Utopia, that perfection is for Allah and that there are still many good reasons a Muslim SHOULD reside in the lands of the Muslims.