Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those people who get deep and profound about race issues. I’m not trying to find solutions or even have a thought provoking conversation, truth is some of the comments in my last post, by the white American women made me think of some funny times in College. I think that white women may be shocked and awed at the race discussions, because they may have come from liberal backgrounds where everyone speaks PC. Not to mention, if they are white then there is no reason why they would hear how other races feel about blacks. Until some move in the neighborhood, that is.

When I was in College, for some reason, I was the black girl that white people felt comfortable with. I was not a ‘sell-out’ and didn’t hang with whites or try to act white, but I guess I didn’t have that ‘angry black girl’ look that some have (don’t trip y’all know y’all be having serious attitudes). So often times my room with be full of my floor mates hanging out. My 2nd year, my floor had about 3 or 4 rooms with black girls and the rest were mostly white, a few Asians, and Latinos. One day everyone was just chillin’ in my room, at one point one of the black girls said, “I’m finsta (or finna) leave.” I didn’t think anything of it until one of the white girls jumped up and frantically started waving her hands around and screaming, “let me let me, I know what she said!!!” I was looking at her, like what in the world is she talking about, and then she continued, “finsta (or finna) means ABOUT TO! She’s about to leave!” I had a wtf moment and couldn’t believe that black speech needed translation. I assumed, everyone knew what she meant, even though I have personally never used ‘finsta’ or ‘finna’ in my speech. They now call it Ebonics, but that was a first for me.

Another time, same year…same dorm, some other black girls and I were walking in the hall and one of the white girls was sitting outside her room on the phone. When she saw us approaching she got really excited and said on the phone, “here they come here they come!!! Come on guys talk black for me”. My mouth dropped and I couldn’t believe she said that, I had my indignant look on like I was gonna school her but before I could say anything the ignorant girls I was with started cussing her out and giving her what she wanted. She was thrilled, cracking up laughing, holding the phone out so her friend could hear, and kept egging them on. I was pushing and pulling them and telling them to shut up and stop embarrassing me!

 A lot of race issues I find humor in. I know in many cases it is not so funny as it can be very oppressive.