I got like….45mins of alone time and decided to give a long overdue update! Things are just now getting back to normalcy (if there is such a thing), post long summer break, post Ramadan. Just this week, I have finally got the kids on a real after school schedule. Not much, it only accounts for one hour out of the eight after school hours they have before bedtime, but it’s better than nothing. They are taking horse riding lessons twice a week, with a great American woman instructor – masha’Allah. They have a Quran tutor twice a week and then once a week they go to a night time tafeethul Quran program for girls. That leaves us with the weekends for family time. Since it is getting dark earlier now, my husband is home earlier (stops playing tennis at maghrib) and so he takes the kids to the corniche after maghrib and brings them back at isha. We don’t get the full in-between time, because he eats and goes to the bathroom and stuff so they get around 30-45mins. Yesterday, I took a nap while they were out and today I decided to stop being lazy and get online. I got lots of emails ands comments on the blog that i can not all respond to, but know that I got them and appreciate them, and love you all for the sake of Allah. I have not made intentions to stop blogging, I just have a lack of desire lately. However, I still mentally blog and talk to myself. I actually have so much to blog about that the idea of writing it all out overwhelms me. All good, alhamduillah, so do not worry.