I have this friend and fellow blogger, that I have so much in common with, yet we are so different. It is weird because, we seem to be really in-tuned with each other and have a sincere concern for one another. Recently she wrote,

Slow death of a blog

Where she contemplates closing down her blog. Her thoughts were so similar to mine that it was eerie. Only what goes on her blog must be behind the scenes (and done with better manners), because I had no idea. However, lately, my blog has been one big mess, and has been the source of many sleepless nights for me.

After she posted her thoughts on closing down her blog, she started a series on how she feels that God is guiding her and her family in all that they do. May Allah continue to guide her family..aameen. As I read the series, I became a little narcissistic and thought that this was her way of telling me something, because I recently confided some things in her. Today she posted her 6 part to the series and even made a reference to MOI!!! I had no idea, she even remembered this particular conversation, even though at the time I made many duas (supplications) for her and her family. In case you can’t figure out the reference, I am the one with the middle name Mariam…same spelling and all!!!