Since it’s actually close to 4am, I should say the morning of Eid. However, this entry will mainly be about the night before Eid. What am I doing up, you ask? Well, I’m cooking. Getting things ready for the Eid feast tomorrow. Salatul Fajr is at 4:30am and salatul Eid is at 6:00am and then we have a two hour drive to the Eid feast. What is my beloved doing, you ask? He’s sleep…bless his heart.

Here’s a little something for all of you who keep checking back for updates.

Riding Saudi Style

In college we called it Mexican or Puerto Rican Style (no offense peeps). I’ve often wondered how many people can families fit in a car here. It is amazing to see a car load of adult women and children pour out of a car like in the circus. We were invited to dinner by the man who my husband sold his Suburban to. He has three wives and a teenage daughter. He picked us up, because we were going to a big family dinner at his mother’s house, which was an hour away. My husband sat in the passenger seat. The wives, me, and my nephew sat in the middle seat (my nephew sat next to me by the door so that he would not be next to any of the wives. I thought I would be squished in the middle but it wasn’t so bad), and the kids, maid, and teenage daughter sat in the back seat.

No sooner than we turned the corner from my house did I notice the silence. Actually the men were talking but the women were not uttering a word. I was like cool, I can play this game. I always see Saudi women walking around in black and quiet as a mouse, but not I. I always have to scream at or to my children. Today, I was up for the challenge and decided I would make a game out of it. It was easy at first, because even my children were quiet, until we passed my daughter’s preschool and she announced it to everyone and then the teenage daughter started asking her questions. I remained quiet…I mean we were only about a half a mile from home but we had an hours drive. Then my kids started asking me, if they could sit with me and my daughter started writing me love notes with cute little hearts on it. Nothing could break my silence. Not even when Adam climbed over the seat and kicked me and one of the wives in the head. No apologies from me. After Adam got tired of sitting with me, he decided to climb to the front and sit on my husband’s lap. That’s when I noticed my husbands door wasn’t locked. I signaled to my nephew to lock the door, but before he could even figure out what I was trying to say, my husband tuned in on my mental telepathy and not only reached over and locked the door but adjusted the seat belt to fit both him and Adam. I’m going to try sending him vibes more often, because when I talk he never listens. Nothing like the love and well-being of your children to make a couple in-tuned to each other. One of the wives and I were in a tie by the time we arrived because the cell phone of the other’s rang and she was forced to mumble on the phone – LOOSER! As soon as I jumped out the car, I spilled it out all to my husband what I was doing. He was so proud of me, he hadn’t even noticed how quiet I was.

 The last Iftar for Ramadan 2007

Tonight was my first time spending the last night of Ramadan at someone else’s house. I’m usually home or in Makkah. I am so glad we brought water with us and that I had a salad prepared. Not only are Saudis notorious for serving almost every drink but water, but they are not big on vegetables either. I also, suppose that due to everyone only getting paid once a month, then the meals become less nutritious. In the beginning of Ramadan, you will be invited to huge feast of lamb and chicken, stuffed vegetables and an array of salads. Towards the end of Ramadan, you will have basically no protein or vegetables. It becomes a low carbers worst nightmare as you will have a selection of several different pasta and rice dishes to choose from, plus an array of pastries.

Men! Don’t Get Me Started

Why when a man is on vacation and has nothing to do but enjoy the holidays with his family, do they get grumpy, irritable, and tired? Keep in mind that mothers never get vacation time. It is 24/7 for life! Why do some men forget that Allah and His Messenger have given us the Eids and NOT the wife? Why act like it’s all the wife’s idea just to inconvenience you?

The following scenario, may be real or fiction…I aint saying:

Wife comes home with a headache possible caused by dehydration and a high-carb, low protein, no vegetable dinner after fasting for 29 days. Wife is immediately told to check husband’s email for the directions to the Eid celebration. Wife then goes to kitchen to direct maid on how to clean and cut chicken that she wants to prepare in advance. Wife then goes to Internet to search for a lemon bar recipe because she lost her’s and forgot to email friend and fellow blogger Asiya for her recipe. Wife goes to kitchen and plays with the measurements so that she can make 4 times as much lemon bars as the recipe gives. Wife then gives maid her Eid gift, which is a dress to be worn on the Eid. Maid informs Madame, that the dress does not fit. Wife informs husband that they need to go in to town and exchange dress. Husband then tells wife to print the Eid directions. Wife informs husband that there is no ink or paper for the printer. Husband then ORDERS wife to write the directions down because HIS FRIEND is coming over to pick up the directions. Wife then ask husband if he could do it because her hands were full as she was changing a boo boo diaper and then had to return to the kitchen. Wife goes to the bathroom, gets harassed by husband about how long she’ll be in there , comes out and discovers that son is butt naked, drivers on his way, and husband is SLEEP!!! Wife asked husband why did he let son remove clothes if he knew the driver is on the way. Husband did not appreciate the blame and countered it by asking why has wife not yet written the directions down. Wife then looses her mind and kills husband, tries to remain calm and explain to husband all the things she is simultaniously doing, while he lies in the bed doing nothing. Husband blames wife for always making excuses. Wife tells husband to kiss where the sun don’t shine, that her excuses are valid and that he should be ashamed of himself lying in the bed ordering her around when the directions are for his friend in the first place. Driver comes. Husband brings his pillow and informs family that he will be sleep in the car. As wife exits the car husband notices that her abaya lifted slightly and that her black socks were rolled down and exposing a small piece of skin. Husband goes ballistic. While wife is making adjustments, husband screams at wife to get the toddler who was walking away. Wife runs after toddler and husband tells her he can see a piece of her forehead!!!! Wife starts envying all those women in polygyny who don’t have to deal with their husband on a daily basis. On the way home wife asked husband if he remembered that she had to get a few things from the grocery store. He tells the driver to go to the Supermarket, wife says the bakalah at the gas station will be fine. Husband gets attitude and tells wife that he didn’t ask her. Wife said she was just trying to be considerate, because it was on the way home. Husband said he should have worn his ear plugs!!!!!

Boy been home for less than a week and already making me loose my mind

Yes, I’m talking about my Woo Woo. Y’all know I’s loves that chile but I’m telling you…Last night he comes in all dirty and raggedy and tells me how he was riding his friends motor-scooter and the friend was jumping up and down in the back telling him to go faster and the bike flipped over and dragged them down the street. Today, he puts on this long overflowing thobe and thought he was all that. I told him all that in the hell-fire. My husband walks in the room about to have a conniption and tells him doesn’t he need to go get that tailored and ask me why wasn’t I saying anything. I told him I did say something, but there is no compulsion in Islam, we didn’t buy it, and that we tried our best to raise him upon the Quran and Sunnah. So around 3am (yes, too late!) my nephew comes home, thobe dirty and ripped, blood all over him, and obviously coming from the emergency room because he is all wrapped up. I asked him was it a fight or a motorbike accident. He said, that since it was the night before Eid all the shabab were hanging out and they were doing tafheet (dangerous car tricks). He said that him and his friends were jumping in front of the cars and getting out of the way at the last minute!!! Only his thobe was so long he tripped over it and got ran over by the car!!! He said, that he told all his friends that this was a punishment from Allah and that Allah had the thibe destroyed so that he did not wear it anymore. He claims that his thobe for the Eid (the latest model as his friends teased him for planning on wearing a last year thobe- yeah sure they all look alike!) is not as long, but I don’t it is above the ankle as per sunnah. He believes that something is broke and the nurses at our after hours clinic were having the ambulance take him to the ER at the hospital in town, but he refused. That made me mad, because now our Eid may be ruined if he really does need to go to the hospital.

Fajr Time

That’s all folks. My food is finished, it’s fajr time and then I need to start getting ready for the Eid Salat and Party. I will look a wreck and be looking for a corner to fall asleep in.