So read these:

Safiyyah over at shaalom2salaam has two really nice blog entries, that I’d like to share. In

Reverts and Non-Muslim Holidays

She discusses the grieving process she experienced as a new convert to Islam around the non-Muslim holidays. i can so relate, only through the point of view of a muhajirah. I made hijrah for the sake of Allah and I know it is the right thing to do, but there is still a grieving process you go through no matter how well you have adjusted.



Safiyyah walks us through her conversion as a white ex-Jew married to an African American Muslim. The end of her story and the events surrounding her father’s funeral was another thing I could relate to her on, even though I don’t think my husband’s family would go that far.

Daisy over at Saudi Stepford Wife is at it again! This sisters a hoot! She gives the most entertaining perspectives on life in Saudi. In

Good Mourning Al-Hassa

Daisy tells us what it is like as a Sunni Muslim living amongst the shia population in the Eastern Province of KSA. Actually took me back to my time in Bahrain where the majority of the country are shia but the ruling party is Sunni and I would have no idea what was going on half of the time.


Sorry, Can’t Help Ya

Daisy shares with us the inconvenience on both men and women due to women not driving in Saudi. alhamduilah, neither my husband nor I are too inconvenienced by us and it works out fine for us. I’m actually one of those people who fear the day women are allowed to drive here.

Here are a few extra special blogs for those of you who have enough time in your miserable existences to ‘study blogs advise bloggers. These here blogs are in need of your dawah. With any luck (intentional use of this word just to make sure you are on you job)it won’t take much investigation before you may even be able to make takfeer of the owner of this blog

Be sure to read, twodykes and a closet, piece on Saudi National Day. While you are over there be sure to use hikmah when you start admonishing them bout being dykes (and in The Land of Tawheed!!!!!).

Now that should keep you busy enough. After reading those you will no longer find my blog so disgraceful (but you never did, you just like to start stuff). Verily, those blogs are more shameless and worthy of your dedication than mine.